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J Merrill TNR - Lupus, TMA and COVID-19

May 13, 2020
Slides from Dr. Merrills Grand Rounds on Lupus, Vascular Complications and COVID-19

TNR Grand Rounds:IL-6 in Health & Disease

May 07, 2020
Handouts to Dr. Len Calabreses TNR Presentation

TNR - Moving Forward with Telemedicine

Apr 26, 2020
PDF Handout from Dr. Alvin Wells Grand Rounds Lecture on 21 April 2020

TNR Grand Rounds - Evaluation of Febrile Rheumatic Patients

Apr 20, 2020
Tuesday Nite Rheumatology - Grand Rounds Slide set (n=24 slides)

Anti-malarial Side Effects

Apr 15, 2020
Guidance from the package inserts HCQ & CQ
TNR Grand Rounds

Safety of Biologics & Newer Agents

Apr 10, 2020

Slides from the Tuesday Nite Rheumatology Conference


Injection Site Reactions

Dec 24, 2019
ISRs are common with biologic use

Even More Biosimilars

Dec 08, 2019
Updated Biosimilars in the US: 11 TNFi and 2 RTX biosimilars