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The definition of early axSpA based on expert consensus after going through the Delphi process by ASAS is that the duration of axial symptoms is equal or less than 2 years. Navarro-Compan V, Abst#OP0055 #EULAR2023 @RheumNow
Dual IL-17A/F inhibition with Bimekizumab reduced MRI inflammatory change in the SIJ and spine in AxSpA, and increasing proportion achieving MRI remission at Wk52, Abst#POS0246 #EULAR2023 @RheumNow
The International Map of AxSpA (IMAS) of >5k patients: delay mean 7.4+/-9 years, 75% active disease, 60% poor mental health, 21% sick leave, 4.6 GP visits before diagnosis, fear=disease progression, hope=relief of pain, IMAS Abst#POS0298 #EULAR2023 @RheumNow
EULAR 2023 recommendations on the management of fatigue in IRMDs. 4 overarching principles and 4 recommendations for monitoring and assessment of fatigue, Dures E Abst#P0370 #EULAR2023 @RheumNow
In an early SpA (DESIR) cohort, the occurrence of a first pregnancy did not seem to increase the number of imaging abnormalities of the SIJ. Overall no significant changes in radiographic and MRI imaging abnormalities of the SIJ, Molto A, Abst#POS0303, #EULAR2023 @RheumNow
The incidence of MACEs at 8 years is low in AS patients treated with NSAIDs. Study of 22929 patients, NSAIDs (SHR: 0.40 [0.32-0.49], p<0.001) and anti-TNFs (SHR: 0.61 [0.47-0.81], p<0.001) associated with a lower risk of MACE, Fakih O, Abst#POS0301, #EULAR2023 @RheumNow
#EULAR2023 Clinical Highlights. SpA: OP0059 H2H RCT of SEC vs ADA Biosimilar in bDMARDs naive showed no difference in imaging progression at 2yrs. OP0061 Pooled analyses of UPA RCTs showed low rates of Extra-articular Manifestation. Numerically lower vs PBO for Uveitis @RheumNow
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We need to assess CV risk in IA but how? Performances of QRisk3, Framingham & Reynolds scores for prediction of CV event in OA RA PsA AS PSO Bummer: these 3 prediction tools are less accurate in IA but also OA. We need a dedicated tool. @Rheumnow OP0267 #EULAR23
Just a reminder: nr-axSpA isn’t destined to become r-axSpA/AS. Life is more complicated than that. Between the natural history and TNFi, very small conversion rate post-10y. Of course, whatever the x-rays, it can still disable though DESIR cohort POS0675 #EULAR2023 @RheumNow
#EULAR2023 #OP0007 What are the recent trends of autoimmune disease (AID)? A database study (22m) in UK showed: - 1 in 10 people had AID in the last 20yrs - socioeconomic, seasonal & regional disparities cd influence pathogenesis - CTD (SLE,pSS,SSc) tended to co-occur @RheumNow
Chinese study 43 axSpA pts Rx w/ Secukinumab-37 pts had HBV & 16% (6) reactivated HBV after mean 9 mos of SEC (5 w/ chronic HBV, 1 occult HBV). 2 pts chronic HBV reactivated despite anti-HBV prophylaxis. 6 axSpA w/ LTBI - none had TB on SEC
Autoimmune disease diagnoses slowly on the rise, despite reduced smoking - but that’s now 10% of the population, & many patients have more than one. Most are lifelong. Surely this needs more investment?? CPRD data from the UK #EULAR2023 OP0007 @RheumNow
AxSpA can be unequivocally diagnosed in the first 2 years of onset of chronic back pain with 30% definite with HLA-B27+ and imaging being the key SpA features from the SPACE cohort by Mary Lucy Marques, Abst #OP0005 @RheumNow
With all the benefits of MRI and expert rheumatologists, do our diagnoses of axSpA stick, two years later? Overwhelmingly yes, but sometimes we do actually have to change our minds. Beware the set and forget for our clinical diagnoses SPACE cohort #EULAR2023 OP0005 @RheumNow
There are lots of reasons why axSpA treatments fail for patients. And as rheumatologists, we can’t just prescribe and walk away - we need to address each in turn, for our patients’ sake #EULAR2023 @RheumNow

EULAR 2023: Featured Industry Presentations

May 30, 2023

EULAR 2023 opens tomorrow, Wednesday May 31st, with hundreds of novel presentations and pivotal clinical trials, many being featured industry sponsored clinical trials and research on their novel agents. Below is a collection of the featured abstracts, and presentation times from EULAR 2023

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Vedolizumab (VED) doesnt help SpA. Study of 39 IBD, half on VED, 17 w/ SpA (7 axial). 14 w/ periph. arthritis before VED, only 3 improved w/ VED. 3 pts on VED developed new arthritis/aglas. 6 Pts stopped for SpA (2) or IBD (4) worsening.
UK Biobank cohort study (n=361,952) assessed BMI effects on rheumatic Dz risk. Higher BMI incr odds of RA (IRR=1.52), OA (IRR=1.49), PsA (IRR=1.80), gout (1.73), SpA(1.34); more pronounced in women for both gout and psoriatic arthropathy
PREVENT study looked at Xray progression in 438 nr-axSpA pts given PBO or secukinumab. At baseline there was little SI damage & at 2 yrs no SI progression (− 0.04 mSASSS) or spinal inflammation in both groups.
MRI study of SI jts in axSpA 196 pts shows w/ increasing bone marrow edema of SI, SI damage is likely. BME each quadrant incr odds: sclerosis (OR:1.9), erosions (1.9). BME lead to 5 yr SIJ damage if fluctuating (OR:5.6) or persistent (OR:7.5)
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⚠️Beware not all bone marrow oedema =#AxSpA on MRI ! Signal seen in 17% volunteers at SIJs @DrPoddubnyy #RNL2023
Dennis Poddubnyy #RNL2023 MRI sequences for axSpA: Semi-coronal- T1 weighted, T2 STIR, T1 weighted w fat suppression Semi-axial- T2 STIR @RheumNow
Dr. Deodhar reminds us of his "3,4,5 rule" for diagnosing AS. *Erosions in 3 or more SIJ quadrants *BME in 4 or more SIJ quadrants *Fat lesions in 5 of more SIJ quadrants #RNL2023 @RheumNow