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Theres a ustekinumab biosimilar, CT-P43 - In a multinational, phase III study in 509 plaque psoriasis pts, CT-P43 was equivalent to the originator, Stelara, with week 16 PASI75 scores of 78% vs 76%, and continued efficacy out to week 40
FDA issued a safety alert for BCMA- or CD19- Autologous CAR-T cell Immunotherapies; they've received reports & are investigating Risk of T-cell Malignancy (CAR-positive lymphoma) occuring in several products w/in this class (most for Cancer use)
Do We Stop or Continue Treatment? Remission had been a dream, an elusive concept. But then, with the introduction of biologics, conventional synthetic and targeted synthetic DMARDS, patients are able to live longer and with a better quality of life.

When should we be starting therapy in GCA and PMR?

Nov 28, 2023

The problem with having therapies that work is that you then have to figure out what to do with them. You cannot hide behind a shrug of the shoulders, or the ambiguity of therapeutic inadequacy. The question that follows the presence of a therapy is the question as to how to best use it.


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Here’s what will change my practice in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Here's what I learned at ACR23 that will change the way I practice in rheumatoid arthritis. 

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UK study 336 GCA pts shows after 12 mos of tocilizumab, TCZ stopped (w mean pred 2mg/d) & GCA flares at 6, 12 & 24 mos was 21%, 35% & 49% respectively; requiring prednisolone dose increase to 20 (10-40) mg/day (34% were major relapses)

Withdraw DMARDS after remission?

The possibility of withdrawing DMARDs after patients achieve remission has been in our minds for a while. Yet when our patients ask whether it is a good idea to taper or stop their DMARD when they are doing well, most of us don’t have a black or white answer for them. The arrival on the

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Race to the top: how high will treatment response rates in RA reach?

Nov 27, 2023

We have become accustomed to the 60/40/20% rule for the outcome of ACR 20/50/70 respectively for biologics and targeted synthetic DMARDs. When a new agent is launched, we look out for the treatment response with much anticipation if it will be higher or lower than the benchmark we expect. 

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Plotting Future ACR Convergence Meetings (11.24.2023)

Nov 24, 2023

In this week's podcast, Dr. Jack Cush reviews the ACR Convergence 2023 meeting and proposes how to best learn at your next large medical meeting.

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TNFi and RA-ILD – The Pendulum Swings Again

TNF inhibitors revolutionised the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. While highly effective for the joint manifestations of the disease, a note of caution was sounded regarding the potential for worsening of ILD with these agents. Within this framework, a study by England et al presented at

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Biologics in RA: Mechanisms of Delivery Over Mechanisms of Action? Dr. Aurelie Najm discusses abstract 0838 presented at the 2023 ACR Convergence meeting in San Diego, CA.

JAKi and TYK2i: What to use and when?

You can see that the JAKi/TYK2i have both approved or potential seropositive and seronegative indications. There are also improvements in PsO for the class and studies in CTDs. So, it is difficult to know which to choose.

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Rheumatology Roundup - ACR 2023

Nov 17, 2023

Drs. Jack Cush and Arthur Kavanaugh discuss highlights and key takeaways from ACR 23.

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Secukinumab vs. Adalimumab Biosimilar on Radiographic Progression in AxSpA Dr. Robert Chao (Tysons, VA) discusses Abstract 0522 presented at the 2023 ACR Convergence meeting in San Diego, CA.
Reminder of data for dose reduction #bDMARD by Prof Emery #ACR23 Feasible after early remission induction
Thanks #ACR23 for a wonderful meeting ! Presented a really positive phase 2 clinical trial results of Dazukibart, an IFN beta monoclonal antibody in #Myositis (DM) #pfizer .Strong efficacy with rapid onset. Safe & tolerable monthly IV injection. Looking forward to start Phase 3.
Nov 16, 2023
Large French study on infection risk of PsA biologics 12k pts over 6 years When compared to Humira, only Enbrel and Stelara had lower infection risk Concurrent steroid use associated with increased infection 1.85HR @RheumNow #ACR23 Abs#2566
Nov 15, 2023
Treatment of RA-ILD patients with ABA at any time of the course in the ILD seems to prevent interstitial lung progression. The evolution of FVC and DLCO for 48 months remained stable with ABA therapy. Serrano-Combarro A, Abst#2173 #ACR23 @RheumNow
Nov 15, 2023
Continued interest on CAR-T cells in systemic sclerosis! 6 mo f/up data on 3 pts who received CAR-T cell treatment - stable dz overall Skin findings improved in all 3 pts Previous finger ulcerations resolved Lung function stable in 2 pts, improved in 1 @RheumNow #ACR23 Abs#2598
Nov 15, 2023
#ACR23 Abs 2598 show data on 1st 3 CD19 CAR-T treated SSc pts. Tx well tolerated and dz stabilized off tx x 6 months. Promising, but more data needed for further evaluation. @rheumnow
Nov 15, 2023
Interesting late breaker! Telitacicept - recombinant fusion protein targeting BLyS and APRIL for treatment of RA Phase 3 study - at wk 24, reached ACR20, ACR50, DAS28-ESR, no radiographic progression No difference in safety profile compared to placebo @RheumNow #ACR23 #ACRBest
Nov 15, 2023
#ACR23 Abstr#2576 Promising therapy in Dermatomyositis. Phase 2 RCT showed rapid improvement in skin, muscle & patient reported outcomes as fast as Week 4 in PF-06823859 (anti-IFN-B) vs PBO. Could be useful to treat in either skin or muscle predominant patients @RheumNow #ACRBest
Window of opportunity for abatacept in RA-ILD. Early treated patients (<6 months vs >2 years) appear to do better in terms of FVC. Abstr#2173 #ACR23 @RheumNow
Nov 15, 2023
L20 @ #ACR23 New therapy on the horizon for RA pts that failed MTX? ⭐️Telitacicept = recombinant fusion protein targeting & neutralizing BLyS & APRIL ➡️ placebo-controlled, phase III trial, 24w 👉at wk 24, PBO pts switched to drug arm for 24 more wks ➡️ 479 pts w/…
Will CAR T Cells also treat RA? Dr. Jonathan Kay reports on abstract 0424 from #ACR23.