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Simon Says “Don’t Do This” (1.27.2022)

Jan 27, 2023

Dr. Jack Cush reviews this week’s journal articles, focuses on studies that should not have been done and responds to viewer questions in Ask Cush Anything.

  1. "Dry Synovitis" exist in juvenile arthritis pts? Study of 12 DS pts, says its different from Poly #JIA; onset 6.1 yrs

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Have a Rheumatology question or case for Jack Cush? Record it here and we may feature it on an upcoming podcast. Tell us your name and where you practice rheumatology.
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PsA Til Death Do Us Part (1.20.2023)

Jan 20, 2023

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the highlights from the past week on

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Naltrexone is indicated in opioid or EtOH dependence - not pain; yet it has wide off-label uses. Shown to be equal to Elavil in Rx of painful DM neuropathy; Little data from PBO RCTs in FM. Unclear how naltrexone modulates pain
Cannabis Use for Pain is Common In states with legalized medical cannabis use, 3 in 10 persons are using cannabis to manage their pain.
For 2023 - what you going to focus on with your patients? Same ole, same ole means youre not getting better. How about focusing on 2 main messages, mine would be patient "STRENGTH" and "COMPLIANCE" (meaning more Rx education)

Cannabis Use for Pain is Common

Jan 09, 2023

In states with legalized medical cannabis use, 3 in 10 persons are using cannabis to manage their pain.

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There is considerable overlap between fibromyalgia tender points and an enthesitis score in axial spondyloarthritis pts. 526 pts in the Predict-SpA study (53% men, 38% FM) assessed 18 TP and 13 Entheses found ICC between both scores of 0.7

Marginal Benefit with Diet and Exercise in Obese Knee Osteoarthritis Patients

Dec 14, 2022

The easiest intervention for knee osteoarthritis (diet and exercise) is also the most difficult for many patients; but do these work? A new study of a weight loss and exercise program in community settings shows only marginal benefits. 

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Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine and Fibromyalgia Action UK Webinar: Fibromyalgia in the 21st century: Redefining care.

How Underweight Women Can Reduce Hip Fracture Risk

Nov 28, 2022

How women can reduce the risk of hip fracture?  

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Pain in Psoriatic Arthritis

Nov 22, 2022

The prioritisation of pain, and its evaluation, is important in those with psoriatic arthritis, when the already incredibly heterogenous nature of the condition can complicate assessment. Whilst we lean towards all pain in PsA being nociceptive in nature, evidence suggests that a significant

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RA: MACE Events with Opioids vs. NSAIDs

Addressing chronic pain often leads general practitioners and specialists to prescribe opioids. However, opioids (weak and strong) have not demonstrated efficacy in long-term pain management; their chronic use could even worsen pain in users. Opioids prescription is often perceived as being

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Chronic Pain increased from 2010-2919. A cross-sectional study of 46 420 respondents, shows nonpharmacologic Rx increased [aOR 2.72] & was greater than opioids for chronic, but not surgical pain. Govt policy & practice guidelines have helped.
2022 CDC Clinical Practice Guideline on Opioid Prescribing The CDC has updated its Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain and includes recommendations for managing acute, subacute, and chronic pain.

2022 CDC Clinical Practice Guideline on Opioid Prescribing

Nov 03, 2022

The CDC has updated its Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain and includes recommendations for managing acute (duration of <1 month), subacute (duration of 1–3 months), and chronic (duration of >3 months) pain.

This guideline provides recommendations for clinicians

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Infections & Lupus (10.28.2022)

Oct 28, 2022

Dr. Jack Cush discusses the news and journal reports from the past week on RheumNow. This week more lupus nephritis, more drug induced lupus and more lupus infections that may kill. 

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Will we see you there? #ACR2022 What are you most looking forward to on the agenda?
Pre and post-COVID-19 assessment of 78 FM pts by Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire-Revised (FIQR). While COVID affected FM pts, there was no statistically significant change in FIQR scores (65% had no improvement or deterioration on FIQR)
Metanalysis of emergency department Rx of opioids for MSK pain - 42 articles, 6128 pts - Short term (2hr) benefits of ED opioids were statistically but not clinically more effective than PBO or Tylenol, but not better than NSAIDs. Safety uncertain.
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ACR Award Winners (10.21.2022)

Oct 21, 2022

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from the past week on Highlighted discussion of implantable stimulators, urine proteomics and gut-immune responses to Prevotella in RA.

  1. Vaccination Cut Long COVID Risk for Rheum Patients Patients with

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Spinal cord stimulation is a $2-3billion market, despite limited efficacy. A placebo controlled trial of spinal cord burst stimulation, in 50 pts w/ chr radicular pain after lumbar surgery, showed no significant benefit in back pain–related disability.

CRTAC1- a Novel Biomarker for Osteoarthritis

Oct 17, 2022

Scientists at deCODE genetics a subsidiary of Amgen report in Arthritis & Rheumatology that a novel plasma protein (cartilage acidic protein-1; CRTAC1) is a potential biomarker of osteoarthritis (OA) through its association with OA risk and progression to joint replacement.

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