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AI Passes U.S. Medical Licensing Exam Two artificial intelligence (AI) programs -- including ChatGPT -- have passed the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), according to two recent papers.
What separates a Great Rheum from an Elite Rheumatologist?
Skin manifestations in MDA5 phenotype #inflammatorymyopathy ✅Punched out ulcers on arm, forearm, extensor aspect of elbow ✅Extensive ulcers in PIP and DIP creases ✅Vasculitic rash over fingers with digital ischemia and erythematous palmar papules 👉
Jan 29, 2023
Why not end your patient visit with a recitation pledging your service and commitment: "Your coming to see me to day is very important, to the both of us. I pledge to be of service to you. Together WE can certainly improve your health"
Subanalysis of Scleroderma Lung Study II (MMP vs CTX in SSc-ILD) showed pt reported GI reflux (~moderate) was independently associated with the change ILD and fibrosis over two years (but not so for esophageal dilation)
Have a Rheumatology question or case for Jack Cush? Record it here and we may feature it on an upcoming podcast. Tell us your name and where you practice rheumatology.
Recent NEJM has reviewed arthroplasty-associated infection and PJI, noting this is a rare event; notably these infections are caused by skin microorganisms introduced during arthroplasty surgery or may be seeded post-surgically.
JAMA: 13 million In US have latent TB (5-10% risk of getting active TB). Review of LTBI regimens: - Preferred: 4 mos Rifampin: better/safer of INH - Preferred: 3 mos of INH + rifapentine - more completers less SAE - ALternative: 6-9 mos of INH
New Hope for Hand Osteoarthritis The drug talarozole – which increases retinoic acid – could be a promising new treatment for hand osteoarthritis.
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Half of all outpt. MDs are bound by restrictive covenants. FTC is considering a ban on noncompete clauses. AMA) code of ethics discourages covenants that "unreasonably restrict". FTC the rule change could save Pts up to $148 billion
Degeneration seen in #OA may be related to cartilage tissue stiffening with the repression of a key longevity protein α-Klotho brought about by epigenetic changes. Downregulated Klotho gene expression accelerated chondrocyte senescence
"It takes alot of courage to reach out and say 'I need some help on this one'" (Carla Harris) Put on your big-boy pants, woman-up and ask for advice, not from anyone - go to the right person/people - you know who they are!
2022 Memorium Sadly, too many of our rheumatology colleagues passed on in 2022. Here is an (incomplete) list of notable brethren, mentors, do-gooders and great rheumatologists.
Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) was studied in 205 Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) pts - NLR correlated with lung function, & outcomes - NLR >= 2.9 was associated with a significant 2 fold increased risk of mortality
Rheumatology Giants in who passed away in 2022: Eric Gall William Wilke John Winfield Peter Simkin Roy Altman Samuel Strober James Fries Robert Lightfoot Bart Lindsley
For 2023 - what you going to focus on with your patients? Same ole, same ole means youre not getting better. How about focusing on 2 main messages, mine would be patient "STRENGTH" and "COMPLIANCE" (meaning more Rx education)
According to a 2022 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives" by Merritt Hawkins, orthopedics has the highest salary & pediatrics the lowest. Rheumatology: Low: $200,000, Average: $258,000, High: $325,000
Differential Dx of hyperferritinemia (≥500 μg/) in critically ill ICU pts includes: sepsis, liver disease/failure, hematological malignancy, HLH. Single center study of 2583 patients
RHEUMATOLOGISTS: have you ever ordered a Fibroscan in patients taking Methotrexate?
In GCA, Hospital Admission Is Bad News 1/3 of patients admitted w/ GCA were rehospitalized within 6 months, largely because of complications potentially related to corticosteroid therapy, researchers found in a retrospective cohort study.
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Extreme Global Costs of Physical Inactivity A global, population-based study shows that physical inactivity is not only an important modifiable risk factor for NCDs and mental health conditions, it also imparts a considerable health and economic burden. https…
Medical (AKA surgical) masks are not inferior to N95 fitted masks. A study of 1009 medical workers in 4 countries caring for COVID+ infected patients shows equal rate of PCR+ COVID tests (10.5% vs 9.3% +) (HR 1.14 [95% CI, 0.77 to 1.69])