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Pegloticase in Severe Refractory Gout

Listen as Dr. Petryna reviews abstracts #0683 (Pharmacokinetics of Pegloticase and Methotrexate Polyglutamate(s) in Patients with Uncontrolled Gout Receiving Pegloticase and Co-treatment of Methotrexate) and #0677 (A Multicenter, Efficacy and Safety Study of Methotrexate to Increase Response Rates in Patients with Uncontrolled GOut Receiving Pegloticase (MIRROR): 12-Month Results of an Open-Label Study) from the 2020 ACR meeting. 

SpA: Etiology to Diagnosis to Treatment - An Abstract Roundup

Here's a review of ten abstracts and presentations on spondyloarthritis encompassing a wide range of topics from etiology to diagnosis to treatment.  

New ACR RA Guidelines and Practice Changing Abstracts: RA Panel

Dr. Jonathan Kay leads an international panel discussion on the new ACR RA guidelines and several practice-changing abstracts presented at the 2020 ACR meeting. Panelists include Dr. Kathryn Dao, Dr. Eric Dein, Dr. Meral El Ramahi, Dr. Richard Conway and Dr. Sheila Reyes.

ACR20 - Autoinflammatory & Still's Disease Panel

This podcast features a discussion of autoinflammatory and Still's disease abstracts from virtual ACR 2020. Dr. Jack Cush is joined by a panel of experts including Drs. Olga Petryna, Bella Metha and Michael Ombrello.

Undifferentiated Autoinflammatory Syndrome Called VEXAS

Saturday's session on autoinflammatory syndromes featured Dr. Dan Kastner addressing - The Adult with Undifferentiated Autoinflammatory Disease.

Vaccination with Shingrix: Does it work for patients on JAKi?

Dr. Jeffrey Curtis examines abstracts #1997 and #0452 presented at the ACR 2020 annual meeting.

What’s new in knee osteoarthritis that matters?

Are intra-articular steroid injections effective in symptomatic knee OA? Do they accelerate cartilage loss? Does weight less actually help? Do we have DMARDs for knee OA? Insights from 2020 ACR Convergence.

RheumNow Podcast – ACR 2020 Epilogue (11.20.20)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews a few more ACR 2020 abstracts and presents a new plan to learn or take in ACR20 content.

Flu and Tofacitinib

Dr. Kathryn Dao reviews abstract L04 - Influenza Adverse Events in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Tofacitinib Clinical Program - at the 2020 ACR annual meeting.

The folly of dietary restriction in contemporary gout?

Gout has historically been considered a disease of the financially rich, rich in diet, and rich in alcohol.

Warfarin and End-Stage Osteoarthritis

Dr. David Liew discusses abstract #0934 - "Warfarin Use and Risk of Knee and Hip Replacements" - presented at the 2020 ACR annual meeting.

Swollen Joints Associated with Ultrasound Synovitis in PsA 

Ultrasonography has been added to the rheumatologist’s toolbox in recent years as a sensitive imaging modality in assessment of inflammatory arthritis but its relationship with tender or swollen joints is not quite clear. A large study of early, DMARD naive PsA patients shows that swollen joints, but not tender joints are associated with ultrasound power doppler synovitis.