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Noninflammatory Pain Persists in RA Despite Treatment

Almost one-third of patients with new-onset rheumatoid arthritis (RA) reported persistent unacceptable pain after 21 months of combination therapy, according to a study by Swedish researchers.A total of 29% of patients continued to have unacceptable pain.

U.S. Air Force - Basic Measures in Basic Training to Avoid COVID-19

In the current issue of MMWR, the CDC reports that among military personnel starting basic training, the use of nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPI) may significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. NPIs advocated include screening measures, testing, administrative measures, quarantine, isolation, and source control, all as efforts to limit transmission COVID-19 in the community.

FDA Approves Taltz for Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis

Today Eli Lilly announced that Taltz (ixekizumab) has received FDA approval for the treatment of adults with active non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA).

First Look at COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance Registry

Gianfresco et al have published the first peer-reviewed analysis of COVID-19 infected, rheumatic disease patients entered into the Rheumatology Global Alliance registry; showing that a) rheumatic disease patient can be infected with COVID-19, b) that DMARD and biologic use has no apparent effect on outcomes and c) steroid increase and TNF inhibitor decrease the odds of hospitalization.

RheumNow Podcast - Rheumatic Patients with COVID (5.29.20)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on

Targeting the Wnt Pathway Fails in OA

The Wnt pathway modulator lorecivivint failed to meet the primary endpoint in a phase IIa study for knee osteoarthritis (OA), but showed promise in certain patient subgroups, researchers reported.

TNR Grand Rounds - Cytokine Storm Syndromes

This week's Tuesday Nite Rheumatology featured Dr Randy Cron from the University of Alabama - Birmingham as he spoke and took questions on the immunology, immunopathogenesis and treatment of Cytokine Storm Syndrome, especially as they relate to COVID-19 and rheumatic disease patients. The program was moderated by Dr. Jack Cush.

Boston and Wuhan Report Rheum COVID Patients at Risk for Respiratory Failure

Two current reports from Boston and Wuhan describe cohorts of COVID-19 (+) rheumatic disease patients who generally do well but appear to have a higher risk of pulmonary involvement.

Hydroxychloroquine Improves Survival in Lupus

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has dominated the news in recent weeks, because of poor outcomes reported when used in COVID patients. Yet, a recent report reaffirms what rheumatologists have known for years - that HCQ use is associated with better outcomes in systemic lupus erythematosus, including survival.  

Low Risk of COVID-19 Pneumonia in Rheumatic Patients

A current letter in the Annals of Rheumatic Disease details the rheumatic disease patient cohort outcomes from the University of Siena, Italy showing only 2 cases of COVID-19 among 859 patients treated with tsDMARDs and bDMARDs.

Again, Antimalarial Use Fails to Benefit COVID

Today Lancet reported the results of another retrospective trial showing that hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, alone or with a macrolide antibioitic, offered no additional benefits to COVID-19 patients, but was associated with higher rates of mortality and arrhythmia.

RheumNow Podcast - Preaching to the Choir (5.22.20)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on