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Does GnRHa Reduce Premature Ovarian Insufficiency in SLE Patients on Cyclophosphamide?
The impact of SGLT2-inhibitor on SLE outcomes SLE is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events due to both traditional and disease-specific risk factors.
International study of 600 lupus pts - photosensitivity seen in 65% & was associated other lupus skin Dz (OR = 3.8). Fatigue was the most frequently reported systemic manifestation (82%).

Early aggressive treatment in SLE: are we there yet?

Early treatment with DMARDs has revolutionised the outcomes of patients with rheumatic arthritis. However, this concept has not been fully extrapolated to other autoimmune rheumatic diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus.

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Watch: Lupus Nephritis Therapy Paradigm Shift Dr. Yuz Yusof reporting on abstract 0782 at the 2023 ACR Convergence meeting in San Diego, CA.

JAKi and TYK2i: What to use and when?

You can see that the JAKi/TYK2i have both approved or potential seropositive and seronegative indications. There are also improvements in PsO for the class and studies in CTDs. So, it is difficult to know which to choose.

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Lupus Topic Panel Featuring panelists Dr. Kathryn Dao, Eric Dein and Sheila Reyes, discussing the best and most interesting lupus studies presented at #ACR23.
Maintain Vigilance for CV Risk Postpartum in Autoimmune Diseases Pregnant women with ARDs and APS face significantly increased risks of CVEs. This increased risk is often attributed to ARDs, its medications or comorbidities associated with it.
Urinary biomarkers precede loss of kidney function for lupus nephritis In Abstract 0850, Dr. Andrea Fava from Johns Hopkins presents research on the value of urinary biomarkers as measure of intrarenal inflammation.
Less (Glucocorticoids) is More in Lupus Nephritis Dr. Yuz Yusof talks with Dr. Amir Saxena about abstract 0781 at the 2023 ACR Convergence meeting in San Diego, CA.

Rheumatology Roundup - ACR 2023

Nov 17, 2023

Drs. Jack Cush and Arthur Kavanaugh discuss highlights and key takeaways from ACR 23.

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#ACRbest Abstracts – Day 4

Nov 16, 2023

While there wasn’t much original new programming and research presented on the final day, that didn’t slow the RheumNow faculty from tweeting the noteworthy “Best of ACR” abstracts. Enjoy these below.

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The impact of SGLT2-inhibitor on SLE outcomes

Since chronic kidney disease is one of the strongest CV risk factors, any new strategy to reduce proteinuria and avoid a decline in renal function may likely improve patient outcomes. In large cardiovascular outcome trials, the use of a fairly new-kid-on-the-block therapy, sodium–glucose

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#Yr in #Preview #ACR2023 J Buyon Pregnancies in #SLE have high #VTE risk - look at Ob/Gyn guidelines for prophylaxis of LMW #heparin - all SLE pregnancies recommend #ASA & #HCQ biomarkers for #renal #lupus, #HCQ levels ?aid #Rx -#SLE nephritis low prednisone 2 IS>1 @RheumNow
Nov 16, 2023
#Hope for people with #SLE Insights from #ACR23 #Lupus #nephritis - half the oral #prednisone is = to 1 mg/kg induction after IV #solumedrol LESS PRED #Anifrolimumab reduces similarly skin, jts, other common organs in #SLE RCTS APPROX 2X improvement vs PBO @RheumNow @ACRheum
Nov 16, 2023
Frail pts with SLE is associated with 🔸prolonged hospitalizations (28.89%), 🔸significantly higher in-pt mortality (2.88%) 🔸fewer days-to-readmission (59.8%) vs. non-frail pts with SLE (CLeung et al) Screen your SLE pts for frailty too. #ACR23 ABST2590 @RheumNow
Nov 16, 2023

Are Rheumatologists doing Enough for Cervical Cancer?

Nov 15, 2023

Should rheumatologists be counseling patients on cervical cancer prevention and screening? The data from Abstract

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#ACR23 Abstr#2587 Can we agree on how to measure frailty in #SLE? A cohort study: moderate agreement at best among SLICC-FI, SPPB, FRAIL=>2 & PROMIS PF=<40. SLICC-FI was robust predictor of all outcomes except for cognitive impairment. FRAIL & PROMIS not far behind @RheumNow
The Heart of Lupus During ACR 2023 Convergence, several abstracts were presented evaluating the prevalence of CV disease and exploring new tools to predict CV disease. The ones that caught my eye included... #ACR23
COVAD2 data: ⬆️proportion of SLE pts from lmHDI countries were on CS(73% vs 59% p=0.0002), antimalarials(81% vs 68% p=0.0002) & IS(66% vs 53%p=0.0009) vs pts from hvhHDI countries Comorbids more in younger pts from lmHDI (prob from CS use) #ACR23 ABST2269 @RheumNow @rheumarhyme
Nov 15, 2023
L17 #ACR23 @RheumNow Afimetoran TLR7/8 inhib for cutaneous lupus Safety: No SAEs, mild-mod AEs, lower than PBO Nasopharyngitis & bronchitis Trough concentration consistent from D8 to 113, support 30 mg qd CLASI change; MCDI 50% Afim v 0% PB, CLASI-50 Afim 50% v 0% Inhib of IFNGS
Nov 15, 2023
L17 @ #ACR23 New therapy on horizon for cutaneous LE (CLE)? ⭐️AFIMETORAN ➡️ TLR7/8 inhibitor ➡️1st-in-class orally bioavailable, potent ⭐️Phase Ib trial ➡️Criteria: 👉18-65 yo SLE vs biopsy proven CLE 👉CLE Dz Area & Severity Index (CLASI-A) at least 6 👉ANA…
Telitacicept (BlyS/APRIL inhibitor) ph3 in RA wholly in China, after SLE approval there (SLE trial now w global sites) Efficacy okay, no better than other b/tsDMARDs What's the hook here, in a crowded RA market incl biosimilars? Safety does look good though #ACR23 L20 @RheumNow
ICYMI Interesting study by Dr LWGarcia et al: 👉IFN-a serum levels predicted failure to respond to tx 2 years after a flare in pts w/ LN 👉Pts w/⬆️BL IFN-a levels had greater risk of having 2 or more subsequent flares #ACR23 ABST2297 @RheumNow @ZahiTouma
Nov 15, 2023