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My Cancelled Lecture Slides

Dr. Jack Cush records his "Life Lessons (that keep changing) in Rheumatology Lecture. 


PMR Slides #2 - PMR Survey Results

Make Rheum for PMR Campaign conducted weekly surveys of rheumatologists. This slide set includes survey results and other supportive slides addressing:

- Diagnosis and monitoring

- Steroids in PMR

- Steroid-sparing therapy in PMR

- Controversies in PMR


Rheumatoid Arthritis - Diagnosis

Slide set dedicated to the diagnosis of RA; including serologic testing and pre-clinical RA


Gender Risk in Rheumatic Disease

The risk of autoimmunity and rheumatic disease is heightened in women, especially with aging and certain populations


Seven Ways to Diagnose Arthritis - Labs

An overview of how to use serologic testing - ANA, RF, CCP, ESR, CRP


7 Ways to Diagnose Arthritis

This is part 1 of a 2 part slide series on how to make a MSK diagnosis 7 ways;

  1. Identify “Red Flag” conditions (acute monarticular)

  2. Arthritis by the Numbers (Most Common Stuff 1st )


Introduction to Still's Disease

Overview of the definition, demographics, epidemiology, and presenting features of AOSD


RheumaKnowledgy Card

Download the RK card - a pocket resources for Rheum Dx and Tests


J Merrill TNR - Lupus, TMA and COVID-19

Slides from Dr. Merrills Grand Rounds on Lupus, Vascular Complications and COVID-19


TNR Grand Rounds:IL-6 in Health & Disease

Handouts to Dr. Len Calabreses TNR Presentation