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PMR Slides #2 - PMR Survey Results

Make Rheum for PMR Campaign conducted weekly surveys of rheumatologists. This slide set includes survey results and other supportive slides addressing:

- Diagnosis and monitoring

- Steroids in PMR

- Steroid-sparing therapy in PMR

- Controversies in PMR


TNR Survey Slides - Hard Decisions in RA

These are slides of the survey results from 4 weekly surveys conducted in September 2023 - during the "Hard Decisions in RA" Campaign

Each Survey week had a different theme:


Rheumatoid Arthritis - Treatment

A slides set on RA Treatment options with MTX teaching slides


Rheumatoid Arthritis - Diagnosis

Slide set dedicated to the diagnosis of RA; including serologic testing and pre-clinical RA


Information Overload

The ongoing challenge of information overload and what you can do to manage.


Pre-Clinical RA - Clinical Trial Outcomes

Pivotal Trials in at-risk patients.


Gender Risk in Rheumatic Disease

The risk of autoimmunity and rheumatic disease is heightened in women, especially with aging and certain populations

ACR vs EULAR guidelines 2022

Comparing ACR21 vs EULAR22 RA Guidelines

Distinguishing features between the 2021 ACR and 2022 EULAR RA treatment guidelines


JAKi Regulatory Decisions - FDA, EMA, Canada

Oral Surveillance study resulted in a new FDA drug safety bulleting 9/21/21 and since the label for all JAK inhibitors has changed (FDA, Canada) or will change (EMA).


2022 New Drug Approvals

2021-2022 New FDA Drug Approvals and New Indications