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Tuesday Night Rheumatology- POD 1 – Rheumatoid Arthritis: Revolutionary Advances in Therapy

Join us for session highlights from RheumNow Live 2023.

Experts discuss cardiovascular risk in rheumatoid arthritis. Sponsored by AbbVie Medical Affairs

Tune in as rheumatologists Dr. Christina Charles-Schoeman and Dr. Roy Fleischmann discuss how you can help mitigate cardiovascular risk in your patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

How does Complete Renal Response correlate with Renal Damage Accrual in Lupus Nephritis?

This podcast presented by Dr. Michelle Petri, Professor of Medicine at the Hopkins Lupus Center,
describes how estimated glomerular filtration rate slope may be a valid surrogate endpoint for
monitoring renal damage accrual in lupus nephritis. 1

1. Levey AS et al. Am J Kidney Dis. 2020;75(1):84–104.

National Population Insights (4.28.2023)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports and addresses 3 viewer case questions.

Town Hall - Creating Change

Town Hall - Creating Change Join us as we conclude our Women in Rheumatology campaign by focusing on what's next. Our panelists will recap the major challenges addressed this month and discuss a strategy to continue supporting women in rheumatology. Speakers: Dr. Kathryn H. Dao, MD Dr. Rachel Tate, DO Dr. Gwenesta B.

Want To Go Far, Go Together (4.21.2023)

This week on the podcast Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, regulatory announcements and novel journal reports including a profile on pseudogout, the safety of immune checkpoint inhibitors in RA patients and the diagnostic importance of neutrophils.

RheumNow Presents Women In Rheumatology- Private Practice & Academia

Private Practice & Academia In this session, our panelists will address the big questions of: "How do I choose between private practice and academia?" and "How do I advance in my career?".

The Match Game (4.14.2023)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on, including Rheumatology success in the NRMP MATCH, Cocaine vasculitis and worrisome safety risks with Biologics and tsDMARDs.

RheumNow Presents Women In Rheumatology- Contract Negotiations

April 11, 2023 Contract Negotiations Our panelists are joined this week by Andrea Liberatore, JD, to discuss contract negotiations. Join us to learn more about initial contracts, renegotiating contracts, and working with pharma.

“You Can Have It All” (4.7.2023)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and highlights from our "Women in Rheumatology" Campaign from last week on

TNR Straddling Career and Family

Tuesday - April 4, 2023 Straddling career and family obligations can be challenging at all stages of your career and family life. Our panelists will discuss the challenges they have faced and provide advice and strategies for managing competing priorities and obligations. Speakers: Dr. Marcela Ferrada Dr. Yvonne Sherrer Dr.

Intrathecal Methotrexate For Cerebritis

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the CV advantage to walking, the OA risk with running and the eczema-OA connection; these articles and journal reports from the past week on