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COVID 19 Updates from RheumNow

Birthday Gatherings Increase COVID-19 Risk

How risky are family gatherings, birthday parties and informal social gatherings? A cross-sectional analysis suggests that birthdays may be associated with increased rates of COVID-19 infection within households where there is a high COVID-19 prevalence in the population. 

Treatment of MIS-C COVID in Kids

The NEJM has published results of a real-world efficacty trial showing that COVID infected children with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) respond better to initial IVIG plus glucocorticoids (than IVIG alone) which was associated with less subsequent cardiovascular complic

Tofacitinib Efficacy in COVID-19 Pneumonia

NEJM has published the results of an observational trial wherein tofacitinib given to patients hospitalized with Covid-19 pneumonia, was shown to significantly lower risk of death or respiratory failure.

EULAR 2021 – Day 4 Report

Lots of presentations on the last day; notably, the late breaking abstracts and others. Here are a few of my favorites from Day 4.

RheumNow Podcast - Best of EULAR 2021

Dr. Jack Cush reviews and highlights his favorite abstracts and presentations from last week's virtual EULAR 2021 meeting.

Israel provides COVID vaccine answers for rheumatic disease patients

The question as to how autoimmune rheumatic disease patients fare with the COVID vaccine is one being asked in rheumatologists’ offices everywhere this year, and at the EULAR 2021 Virtual Congress, data presented from Israel, one of the first countries to vaccinate on a br

COLCORONA: Protective Effect of Colchicine in COVID-19

Lancet Respiratory Medicine has reported the results of the COLCORONA trial, showing that in patients with PCR-confirmed COVID-19 infection, colchicine led to a significantly lower rate of death or hospital admission from COVID.

RheumNow Podcast – Heart, Lung & Liver (5.28.2021)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from this past week on

Methotrexate Impairs COVID Vax Response

MedPage Today

One-third of patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases being treated with methotrexate showed attenuated responses to the COVID-19 vaccine, researchers reported.

Tocilizumab Augmented Efficacy in COVID-19 Pneumonia with High CRP

JAMA Internal Medicine report an analysis of recent and composite trial data suggesting that tocilizumab (TCZ) therapy in COVID-19–associated pneumonia patients with high CRP levels is likely to be effective.

Factors Associated with COVID-19 Deaths in Rheumatic Patients

Analysis of data from the COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance shows that rheumatic diseases infected with COVID-19 had a greater risk of death with age, comorbidities, high disease activity and few specific therapies.

RheumNow Podcast – Myth Busters (5.21.2021)

Dr Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from the past week on


The question as to how autoimmune rheumatic disease patients fare with the COVID vaccine is one being asked in rheums’ offices everywhere this year, and at #EULAR2021, data presented from Israel, has provided much-needed answers.
Dr. John Cush @RheumNow ( View Tweet )
1 week 3 days ago
Mavrilimumab (GM-CSFi) phase II trial of COVID-19 PNA and systemic hyperinflammation ⭐️65% risk reduction in ventilation/death ⭐️no sig difference in ventilation requirement ⭐️no serious AE Abs#LB0001 #EULAR2021 @RheumNow

Robert B Chao, MD @doctorRBC ( View Tweet )

2 weeks 4 days ago
This is by far the biggest rheum dx COVID vaccinated cohort described I'm aware of 👏 Looking forward to full paper, & we will need data with more pts, more details, cellular response etc. Nevertheless, invaluable & reassuring. So glad to see it at #EULAR2021 LB0003 @RheumNow
David Liew @drdavidliew ( View Tweet )
2 weeks 4 days ago
6. Rheum disease activity was stable with COVID vaccination. (RA, PsA, axSpA, SLE - total n = 597) 7/ LB0003 #EULAR2021 @RheumNow
David Liew @drdavidliew ( View Tweet )
2 weeks 4 days ago
Israel was early to COVID vaccinate on mass scale. How well did the vaccine work in their rheum dx pts? rheum pts n=686 (vs controls n = 121) - fewer w immunogencity, but not bad (86% vs 100%) - safety good - dx activity stable more details below ⬇️ LB0003 #EULAR2021 @RheumNow
David Liew @drdavidliew ( View Tweet )
2 weeks 4 days ago
Reassuring safety data from @rheum_covid COVAX registry on #COVID #vaccination in patients with #RMDs 👉🏼Vaccine welltolerated by most patients 👉🏼Most adverse events similar to gen population 👉🏼RMD flares were rare after vaccine 👉🏼#GetVaccinated! LB0002 @pedrommcmachado #EULAR2021
Mrinalini Dey @DrMiniDey ( View Tweet )
2 weeks 5 days ago
Would you use #Telemedicine (TM) to follow-up #SLE patients post #COVID? Dr So showed in an RCT (N=122),patient satisfaction and time-to-review were better in TM vs Face-to-Face. Although none had COVID, >pts in TM were hospitalised and trend to⬆️FU #EULAR2021 #POS1164 @RheumNow
Md Yuzaiful Md Yusof @Yuz6Yusof ( View Tweet )
2 weeks 5 days ago
#EULAR2021 OP0291 proposes focus score of 4+ as prognostic factor for lymphoma risk in Sjogrens Focus score 4+: ⬆️lymphoma risk ⬆️salivary gland swelling ⬆️autoantibodies ⬇️thyroiditis Authors propose 4yr follow-up biopsy in all pts Focus score 4+. @RheumNow

Eric Dein @ejdein1 ( View Tweet )

2 weeks 5 days ago
#EULAR2021 LB0001. Mavrilimumab (blocks GM-CSF alpha) phase2 trial in non-vented patients w/ #COVID19 : ⭐️⬇️ mortality and ventilation at day 29 ⭐️61% reduction in death (HR 0.39) ⭐️No drug related SAEs, no dose-related AEs @Rheumnow
Eric Dein @ejdein1 ( View Tweet )
2 weeks 5 days ago
#EULAR2021 LB0002 #COVID vax safety in RMD ⭐️78% received Pfizer, 16% Astra Zeneca ⭐️5% of pts flares, 1.2% severe flares ⭐️31% had vax side effects, 0.1% severe AEs Side effect profile similar to gen population. Good data for uncertain patients! @RheumNow @rheum_covid
Eric Dein @ejdein1 ( View Tweet )
2 weeks 5 days ago