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COVID-19 Patient PSA Video Series

Mar 30, 2020 10:33 am
  • RX%20Update%20-%20COVID%201_0.png

    RheumNow PSA 1 - Managing Your Arthritis Medicines

  • Your%20Medical%20Care.png

    Rheumnow PSA 2 - Your Medical Care

  • COVID%20Safety%20Advice.png

    RheumNow PSA 3 - COVID Safety Advice

  • COVID%20Myths.png

    RheumNow PSA 4 -- COVID Myths

  • Dealing%20with%20Stress.png

    RheumNow PSA 5 - Dealing with STRESS

Dr. Jack Cush provides a series of "Patient Safety Advisories" on how patients can cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and rheumatology-related illnesses. Note: The content of these videos was based on the information available at the time of the recording (late March 2020), and is for general education only. Please consult your rheumatologist for medical advice of your condition. 

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