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RheumNow Week in Review – 23 September 2016

Sep 26, 2016 3:00 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews highlights, news and articles from the past week at

  1. Autoimmune thyroiditis is signif incr. in vitiligo, RA, PMR, DM, Sjogren, MS, SLE, sarcoid, alopecia, PSS, HCV-cryo
  2. $990 Billion spent on #Osteoporosis Rx in 2013. 22% ($756B) on brand name drugs. Generics use varied 57-86 %.
  3. Review of Gout & anti-HTN meds:showed that diuretics, Beta-blockers, α-1 blockers significantly increased uric acid levels. No effect w/ CCB, ACEI
  4. Pegloticase failure is often linked to PEG Abs – a case report shows the drug may be improved/tolerated by concomitant Imuran use.
  5. Analysis of the early RA REACH cohort showed that decreasing the RA diagnostic criteria cutoff from 6 to 5 points – increased sensitivity by 15% and lowered specificity by 8%.
  6. Nurses Health Study shows women w/ gout have 38% increased risk hip fractures.
  7. JIA Uveitis patients who are refractory to MTX, DMARDs or TNFi were successfully Rx with Tocilizumab; 10/17 responsed after 5.7 mos and 7 were steroid sparing.
  8. Periprosthetic fracture after Hip Replacement is higher in women, older, RA, revision surgery, and those with a history of AVN or osteoporosis.
  9. Compared to controls In Sweden, Hip fracture is 50-89% higher in RA: 10% lower in OA women; not explained by BMD
  10. In Spain, after a first negative PPD, finding a 2nd PPD+ in 1st 1-2 yrs while on TNFI occurs in 4.3%. These seroconverters with repeat PPD are thought to be LTBI
  11. Preclinical RA arthralgia patients who develop RA shown to decrease CD8, CD80 T cells, memory B cells in the 2 yrs prior to RA onset.
  12. DECT imaging studies in gout patients shows that Erosions occur from the outside in (not inside out as in RA).
  13. After the 1st TNF Inhibitor, a Non-TNF Biologic is Next Best 
  14. Wearable Activity Trackers Don't Improve Weight Loss
  15. Demyelinating Disease is a Rare Complication of TNF Inhibition.
  16. Anabolic Abaloparatide Looks Promising in Osteoporosis Fracture Prevention
  17. Restricting High Price Drugs - A Dangerous Trend? 


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