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RheumNow Week in Review – 9 December 2016

Dec 09, 2016 12:14 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews highlights from this week on

  1. RA pts have 2 fold CV risk (equal to DM related risks). Shouldnt Rheums be responsible for managing CV risk in RA
  2. Smoking in non-RA not associated with Autoantibodies; but in RA, smoking is associated with multiple autoantibodies (RF, CCP2, CarP)
  3. Tumor-induced osteomalacia, rare, with low serum phosphate, high Alkaline phosphatase, fatigue arthralgias, multiple fractures from FGF-23 producing mesenchymal tumors.
  4. PFAPA syndrome in Adults too: Periodic Fevers (q4wk), Aphthous ulcers , Pharynbitis, Cervical Adenitis, arthralgias, myalgia, N/V, abdominal pains.
  5. Genes/SNPs that influence RA onset/risk are not predictive of drug responses or ultimate outcomes
  6. 10% of ANCA+ vasculitis developed cancer; CTX had 3x risk (vs. normals); RTX had 33% lower risk. Cancer was 4.6x more with CTX than RTX
  7. BMJ study of >19k men, shows testosterone use associated with a 63% increased risk of DVT in the 1st 6mos.
  8. TAFRO syndrome: a rare inflammatory disorder with thrombocytopenia, anasarca, pleural effusion, ascites, fever; renal insufficiency, organomegaly, lymphadenopathy
  9. Catastrophic antiphospholipid registry of 500 patients: 30% had SLE, death in 37%; renal 73%, lung 60%, half w/ CNS, heart, skin
  10. ENTRACTE study shows an equal CV Risk with Actemra vs Enbrel in RA patients
  11. Key Lessons from the TNF Inhibitor Head-to-Head EXXELERATE Study
  12. Is ABT-494 the Next JAK Inhibitor?

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