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Gender Risk in Rheumatic Disease

The risk of autoimmunity and rheumatic disease is heightened in women, especially with aging and certain populations


Diagnosis & Treatment of Still's Disease

Outcomes, misdiagnosis, diagnosis, Diagnostic criteria and treatmenet options for AOSD


Introduction to Still's Disease

Overview of the definition, demographics, epidemiology, and presenting features of AOSD


J Merrill TNR - Lupus, TMA and COVID-19

Slides from Dr. Merrills Grand Rounds on Lupus, Vascular Complications and COVID-19


TNR Grand Rounds:IL-6 in Health & Disease

Handouts to Dr. Len Calabreses TNR Presentation

TNR.AOSDslides.front%20image.jpg (keep)

TNR Grand Rounds - Evaluation of Febrile Rheumatic Patients

Tuesday Nite Rheumatology - Grand Rounds Slide set (n=24 slides)

ESR & Age

The influence of age on the ESR - differences between males and females