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PsA UPLIFT survey: do rheumatologists and patients agree on treatment goals?

Jun 17, 2022 12:12 pm

POS0309 at EULAR 2022 highlighted both similarities and differences between our patients and ourselves when it comes to PsA disease and treatment strategies. 

Over 1250 patients with PsA and 450 rheumatologists completed the multinational Understanding Psoriatic Disease Leveraging Insights for Treatment (UPLIFT) web-based survey. The survey asked respondents to rank their top three contributing factors for PsA severity, treatment goals, and ideal therapeutic attributes.  

Most patients reported oligoarticular and large joint involvement. Interestingly, only half reported seeing a health care provider within the past year (data collected between March and June 2020.) Both patients and rheumatologists agreed that pain was the number one factor contributing to disease severity. Patients, however, then ranked impact on quality of life and type of symptoms as the remaining top factors. Alternatively, rheumatologists ranked number of joints involved and presence of erosions or deformities as the following two factors. Rheumatologists then ranked inhibiting progression of joint damage, reducing pain, and LDA as the top treatment goals. Patients placed reducing pain over slowing disease progression and joint stiffness as top treatment goals. Patients and rheumatologists agreed that long-term safety and efficacy are key attributes of an ideal PsA therapy. 

Unfortunately, despite general consensus between patients and rheumatologists regarding contributing factors, 87.1% of patients reported they did not feel their treatment goals matched those of their rheumatologists. Communication regarding expectations and listening to our patients will help to bridge this perception gap.  



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