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Articles By Aurelie Najm, MD, PhD


RA after 70: Too Old for bioDMARDs?

By Aurelie Najm, MD, PhD
07 June 2021

In RA, the two most common peaks of incidence are thirties and fifties; however a significant percentage of patients above the age of 70 present with active RA -of early or later onset- and require adapted treatment.

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New insights in RA-ILD therapeutics

By Aurelie Najm, MD, PhD
04 June 2021

RA associated ILD (RA-ILD) is the most common extra-articular manifestation in RA. Its prevalence varies considerably, ranging from 5% to 30%, and is often underestimated since patients only become symptomatic or display abnormalities on chest X-Ray at a late stage of disease, leading to subsequent delay in diagnosis. In this context, several groups advocate for an earlier and more precise detection, using high resolution chest computed tomography (HRCT), which is the most sensitive for pre-clinical RA-ILD diagnosis. But why would we want to diagnose early a manifestation that we cannot treat?

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