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Articles By Patricia Harkins, MD


Pain in Psoriatic Arthritis

22 November 2022

The prioritisation of pain, and its evaluation, is important in those with psoriatic arthritis, when the already incredibly heterogenous nature of the condition can complicate assessment. Whilst we lean towards all pain in PsA being nociceptive in nature, evidence suggests that a significant proportion of patients with PsA also have nociplastic pain, characterised by fibromyalgia.

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Imaging in PMR

18 November 2022

Despite the fact that polymyalgia rheumatica is the most prevalent inflammatory rheumatic disease in those over 65 years of age, progress in its diagnosis, monitoring and management have failed to garner momentum in decades past. However, ACR22 has fostered significant promise for its future.

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“Hey PRESTO!” – Early identification of psoriatic arthritis

12 November 2022

Despite a wealth of treatment options, a number of notable unmet needs remain in PsA, most notably the significant diagnostic delay that many patients endure. We are all aware that those with psoriatic skin disease are the most at risk cohort for PsA. Identifying patients with psoriasis who have, or are at increased risk of PsA, appears to be the low hanging fruit that we just can’t fully seem to grasp.

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