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Three Healthcare Hashtags You Should Follow 

I've sent more than 2,000 tweets since joining Twitter in July 2010. Even better, I've read (and sometimes shared) thousands of other educational, informative and sometimes humorous tweets from fellow rheumatologists, physicians, healthcare providers and others around the world. While following individuals and organizations relevant to you is important, so is following hashtags.

Here are three healthcare hashtags that I follow right now. 


If you are interested in finding out what is happening in and around the medical world, this is the hashtag for you. This is the main hashtag for physicians, students, researchers, and other healthcare professionals to discuss everything from roles in medicine to professional networking. #MedTwitter also provides a space to discuss and promote publications and research. 


#RheumTwitter takes #MedTwitter to a new level with an emphasis on rheumatology education, patient care, journal clubs and research. I use #RheumTwitter to link with colleagues from around the world and to stay connected. 


If you want up to date rheumatology news, follow the emerging #RheumNow hashtag. 

Of note, there are varying views regarding the ethical use and potential abuse of Twitter and social media in healthcare. Some healthcare professionals are now healthcare influencers. It’s important not to confuse “tweetorials” with medical advice.

As always, if you are using these hashtags, keep it professional, regulate your content, and tweet responsibly.

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Rachel Tate, DO is in clinical practice in West Palm Beach, FL. Her areas of interest include SpA, musculoskeletal ultrasound, pregnancy in connective tissue disease, and patient advocacy.