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The Week in Review: 5 February 2016

Feb 08, 2016 1:28 am
  1. Pregnancy in inflammatory arthritis patients (RA, IBD, PsA, AS): non-significant trend of congenital anomalies in those exposed to TNF inhibitors.
  2. Women with JIA as a Child: First birth analyses showed an increase in congenital anomalies.
  3. Early Rheumatoid arthritis patients: high incidence of comorbidities; over 5 yrs. 4% develop comorbidities.
  4. 14-3-3η: Examined in early inflammatory arthritis and high levels found to correlate with X-ray progression and not achieving remission.
  5. TNF inhibitors and risk of Skin Cancer: RA patients have higher rates of skin cancer, TNFi exposure does not increase risk of Basal cell but may be increased risk of squamous cell cancers.
  6. Giant cell arteritis: double the rates of serious infections in the first year – especially with increasing age or steroids.
  7. Pediatric lupus, acute pancreatitis and MAS: Pediatric lupus patients have a greater risk of acute pancreatitis (more so than adults). Pediatric Lupus with acute pancreatitis has a very high risk of MAS and death.
  8. Lupus and risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes: PROMISSE study shows that only the lupus anticoagulant (not APL or B2GP1 Abs) is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes.
  9. Stat: 44 opioid overdose deaths per day in the USA.


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