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Advancing PMR

Even though polymyalgia rheumatica is not perceived by many physicians as a severe diagnosis, its diagnosis and management actually propose significant challenges. I'd like to talk about those challenges, and what directions our path forward can include to advance our understanding and improve the treatment of patients who have PMR.

What Goes Wrong with the Immune System in PMR?

Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) is a common inflammatory rheumatic disease. The exact trigger for PMR onset remains unknown. However, immunology studies and clinical trials with biological DMARDs now shed light on the immune pathways involved in PMR.

IL-6 Inhibitors in PMR: Give early or late?

It's exciting to be able to have this conversation because it's only in the past year that we have an approved non-corticosteroid therapy for PMR that's been shown to be effective in a well done clinical trial.

Cardiovascular comorbidity in rheumatoid arthritis

Friday afternoon page: please call to discuss stress test- moderate ischemia. The page was regarding a patient in a study I was conducting on RA and cardiovascular disease. Determining how to better identify and manage RA patients at elevated CV risk was one of the driving reasons that led my colleagues and I to establish an interdisciplinary clinic between cardiology and rheumatology over a decade ago.