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Anti-IL-23 Guselkumab Beats Adalimumab in Severe Psoriasis

Oct 03, 2016 3:00 am

Management of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis has advanced significantly with FDA approved therapies capable of targeting TNF alpha, IL-17 and IL-12/23.  

Recent stutdies have suggested that much of the success of ustekinumab, the combined IL-12/23 inhibitor, may be most attributable to the inhibition of IL-23 alone.

A recent study presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Vienna showed that guselkumab (an anti-IL23 monoclonal antibody) was more effective than adalimumab or placebo in patients with severe plaque psoriasis.

Guselkumab, met the primary endpoint at week 16 (PASI75) and maintained superiority through week 48.

PASI90 results (near complete skin clearance) showed a 73% response with of guselkumab compared with 2.9% on placebo and nearly 50% percent on Humira.

Serious adverse events and infections were similar in all groups - SIE were seen in 2.4% of guselkumab and 1.8% of adalimumab and 1.7% of placebo patients.


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