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ACR20 Best Abstracts - Day 3

The RheumNow faculty reporters have been scouring and reporting on the best abstracts from the ACR. Here is a sampling of their choice abstract presentations reported during ACR 2020 Day 3 (#ACRbest).

  1. Obesity, high-positive CRP, poor functional status, and a smoking threshold of 30 pack-years as novel predictors of RA-ILD  Abstract #1198
  2. SELECT-PsA Phase 3, Placebo, Active controlled trial of Upadacitinib in PsA. UPA 15mg or 30mg improved  PROs  vs. Placebo thru 24wks with both doses similar or better than adalimumab.  Abstract #1341
  3. MAS and secondary HLH -  Highlighting the use of neopterin in following disease course and CXCL9 in active disease.- large cohort of 82 pts ; IL-18  a potential marker for MAS. Abstract 1150
  4. Dr Joshua presents that citrulline-reactive B cells producing pathogenic ACPAs are present in the lungs of seropositive patients with arthralgia or early RA.  Supports lung as key site of initiation of RA.  Abstract #1445
  5. Study fo anakinra safety in 306 pts w/sJIA meeting ILAR criteria:  Adverse events were most common in fist 6 mos of Rx.   Amongst 56 SAEs, there were 13 infections (23.2%; IR 2.6/100 py) & 11 MAS episodes (19.6%; IR 2.2/100 py). No death or malignancy. No new safety signals. Abstract # 1155
  6. Tildrakizumab was well tolerated in PsA pts and achieved LDA and remission targets in 52 week study. #Abstract #1369  
  7. This study identified novel risk factors for RA-ILD:  Obesity, ⬆CRP(≥10mg/L), Poor function (MDHAQ ≥1), Higher education,  30 pk-yr smoking hx; all associated with ⬆ RA-ILD risk.  Abstract #1198




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