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ACR20 - Day 5 Podcast

Nov 10, 2020 10:59 pm

Check out our many podcasts from the ACR 2020 meeting - listen in for faculty reports and overviews. You can also find the RheumNow podcast on Apple Podcast, Apple Car Play, Android Auto or where ever you prefer to listen.

Listen here:

Day 5.1

Highlight OA and PsA Studies: Dr. Janet Pope interviews Dr. Tom Appleton and Dr. Peter Nash
Pregnancy Outcomes in Lupus and SpA: Dr. Kathryn Dao
Adverse Events in Low-Dose Methotexate: Dr. Eric Dein
The axSpa diagnosis, imaging and treatments: Dr. Lianne Gensler
How FAST can you go? with Dr. Michael Pillinger
Cardiovascular Risk on MTX in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Dr. Jonathan Kay
COVID Concerns with Dr. Kevin Winthrop


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