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ACR21 Best Abstracts - Day 4

On the last day of ACR21 Annual Meeting, the RheumNow faculty selected these as their favorite reports:

  1. DAS-28 independently associated survival in RA-ILD. As I keep saying, treating the rheumatoid disease properly is the current best strategy for treating RA-ILD. Abstract #1918
  2. Composite MACE outcomes no different among PsA pts treated w/ biologics and DMARDs. Abstract 1833 
  3. The wave of the future? Study details immune profile which discriminates PsA from PsO using phenotyping of serum immune cell subsets & machine learning. Abstract# 1774 
  4. Breakthrough infections (BTI) in Rheum pts: USA EMR (N3C) Data on 577,335 Rheum Pts w/ 18,164 #COVID19 BT) - 91% vax'd, 3.1% BTIs, BTI higher in inflamm myositis, RA, Gout, vasculitis and with biologics, multiple DMARDs  Abstract# L16
  5. What to do w Rituximab users and #COVID19 vaccine? #Rituximab no seroconversion in 30% with 2 COVID Vaccination. With 3rd vaccine dose, up to 94% can have immune response! Pts need their 3rd vaccination. Abstract# L17
  6. Should we be measuring drug levels in pts taking infliximab? NOR-Drum Drug monitoring vs. standard dosing showed 73% sustained control vs. 55% (iin RA, PsA, SpA, UC, Crohn's, PsO pts) Abstract#946  
  7. An artificial neural network for detection of radiographic #sacroiliitis in axSpA? Specificity - 93.9%; sensitivity - 78.7%  Potential tool for interpreting SIJ in nonspecialized centers or clinical trials. This is a game changer! Abstract# 1919
  8. Advantages of treat to target (of serum urate) beyond less gout flares? Maybe less MACE events. Modeling observational study Abstract# L06 
  9. TitAIN study of IL-17 inhibitor secukinumab for GCA. Phase 2 RCT, 52 patients. In combination 26-week GC taper. Sustained remission, at week 28 - 70% SEC vs 20% placebo, week 52 - 59% vs 8%. Less steroids, less adverse events in secukinumab group.
  10. Emapalumab in MAS.  A single-arm study of 14 pts with sJIA-associated MAS, Emapalumab (anti-IFNγ) induced remission in all pts with median 25 days, neutralised CXCL9 and allowed rapid steroid reduction. Abstract# L20  
  11. Increased pregnancy complications in axSpA in Irish registry. 41.9% complicated, 11.4% pregnan w/multiple complications. Miscarriage 20.5%. Amongst live births 10.8% c-section, preterm 11.4% . NICU admiss 11.4%. Downwards arrow breastfeeding rate at 33.7%  Abstract# 0369
  12. Interim analysis of AURORA 2 Extension study: Voclosporin maintained meaningful reductions in UPCR and eGFR remained stable until month 30. No unexpected new  Abstract# 1425
  13. Anti-MAA Ab is not ‘baa’ humbug. In prevalent #RheumatoidArthritis, + MAA Ab was predictive of developing #RA #ILD. ?  Novel biomarker. Needs validation but nice convincing data  Abstract#1916
  14. Retrospective cohort study FORWARD databank – More opioid use was associated with higher HAQ-DI and BASDAI scores among patients with PsA or AS.  Annualized avg opioid use and costs  increased with higher HAQ-DI and BASDAI scores for patients in both cohorts  Abstract# 1117
  15. GLORIA study of adding prednisolone 5mg to DMARDs over 2 years for RA in those >65 years. Mean DAS 0.37 points lower, Sharp score 1.7 lower (are either of these clinically significant?). NNH 9.5. To me causing harm chasing statistical benefit Abstract# 1678
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