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Social Media Questions (7.29.2022)

Jul 29, 2022 5:00 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, journal reports and rheumatologist cases from the past week on This podcast is brought to you by - be sure to sign up for our monthly StillsNow email and Monthly StillsNow Podcast.

  1. Study of 63 Thalassemia pts (50 transfusion dep) w/ 22% α-, 73% β-, 5% α- & β-thal. 23 had inflammatory rheumatic Dz (IRD: RA 9, gout 6, SLE 3, SpA 2). ANA+ in 10% w/o IRD & Transfusion Dep had more + tests for direct Coombs & ANA

  2. TREAT EARLIER Study - Is MTX Intevention in Pre-Clinical RA Warranted?

  3. Belimumab (Benlysta) has been FDA approved for use in pediatric patients with active lupus nephritis who are receiving standard lupus therapy. The approval in kids is for the IV formulation only; SC belimumab is for SLE and LN in adults

  4. Metanalysis of cardiovascular effects of Colchicine: 21 RCTs (15,569 pts shows colchicine was superior to placebo reducing CV events; with lower risk recurrent pericarditis (RR 0.50), MACE (RR 0.67), & AFib recurrence (RR 0.68)

  5. Single center, retrospective chart study shows that in 168 PsA patients, 26% were assessed within 6wks of referral. Median wait time = 78.5 d. The most common cause of delay was the lack of available spots in the PsA clinic.

  6. No Risk of RA w/ coffee consumption -- Swedish EIRA study, included 2184 early RA pts. High Coffee (>6 cups/day) was assoc w/ increased RA risk (OR 1.50;1.20–1.88) that was lost after adjusting for smoking (OR 1.14;0.89–1.45).

  7. Metanalysis of 13 trials of corticosteroids (CS) in hand #OA shows no significant effect of intra-articular CS for CMC1 OA (pain or function); but medium effect of oral CS on pain & stiffness & functional improvement at 4-6 weeks.

  8. BSRBR mandates LFTs q3 mos if on MTX. 1011 RA pts during the pandemic had median of 5 blood tests & median interval of 57 days. 61% pts had 1 prolonged interval (99-150d) & 24% had multiple. Cytopenia & ^LFTs were not increased by interval length

  9. 210 consecutive #RA pts starting #MTX looked at effect of autoantibodies on drug response. DAS28-CRP low dz activity at 6 mos was significantly lower with SSA+ (56% v 76%, P=0.03) - which was more significant than CCP+ or RF+



  • Dr. Stella Bard - Sarilumab after appendectomy?  Shingrix after Shingles?
  • Dr Vreede - AOSD and Sarcoid - how high can you dose canakinumab?
  • Anna - AOSD on anakinra treating monkeypox - monkeypox vaccine?
  • ShaGSj - How to treat severe infection during induction treatment of active Lupus or vasculitis
  • Dr. Memet - RA on Enbrel develops  cutaneous oral lymphoma - Treatment options?


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