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RX Updates

Juvenile-Psoriatic Arthritis Rx Update

Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis (JPsA) and Enthesitis-Related Arthritis (ERA): Current Challenges and Future Outlook

Sponsored by Novartis Medical Affairs
There is a significant burden of disease associated with JPsA and ERA, with patients experiencing structural damage progression, risk of disability, and comorbidities that may persist into adulthood. This presentation led by Hermine Brunner, MD educates on the importance of early recognition and management.
Women in Rheumatology

Women Leaders in Rheumatology: Leadership in a Virtual World

Sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb and the Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-NOW)
A moderated panel of prominent female rheumatologists will discuss the challenges and successes in clinical practice and research that they encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic.
EULAR 2021 Abstracts

Expert-Selected EULAR 2021 Abstracts

Sponsored by Novartis Medical Affairs
Didn’t have time to join EULAR 2021? Listen to a panel of experts as they present their views on the key abstracts in SpA and Still’s disease.
 Expert Perspectives on Lupus Nephritis

Expert Perspectives on Lupus Nephritis

Sponsored by GSK US Medical Affairs
In this disease education video series from GSK, leading rheumatologists and nephrologists share their perspectives on lupus nephritis and reflect upon the gaps that remain in our understanding and management of the disease.
April Novartis Spondyloarthritis Rx Update

Axial Involvement in Spondyloarthritis: A Patient-Centered Exploration

Sponsored by Novartis Medical Affairs
Listen to Ethan Craig, MD, MPH discuss 3 of his patient cases to identify and differentiate axial involvement within the spectrum of spondyloarthritis.
The Reflecting Rheum Rx Update

The Reflecting Rheum: 2020 SpA and Still’s Disease Highlights

Sponsored by Novartis Medical Affairs
Listen to a discussion of medical experts share their views on the most impactful work done in Spondyloarthritis and Still’s Disease in 2020.
Novartis Fireside Chats
BASDAI, ASDAS, ASAS, Oh My: Outcome Measures for Axial Spondyloarthritis

BASDAI, ASDAS, ASAS, Oh My! Outcome Measures for Axial Spondyloarthritis

Sponsored by AbbVie US Medical Affairs
Patients with axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) present with a wide range of symptoms. Given the disease’s heterogeneous presentation, what tools can be used to monitor patients with axSpA and their response to treatment? How can symptoms be tracked and analyzed over time? This article examines some commonly used axSpA disease measures, moving them from esoteric concepts to practical tools for understanding clinical trials and use in everyday practice.
A closer Look at PsA Measures and Outcomes

A Closer Look at Psoriatic Arthritis Outcome Measures and Disease Control

Sponsored By AbbVie Medical Affairs
Addressing the heterogeneous manifestations of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) can be challenging for physicians. But how is disease control defined in PsA? What are appropriate treatment targets for use in clinical practice? Join Dr. Alexis Ogdie and Dr. Philip Mease for an overview of composite measures used to assess disease activity and ongoing discussions surrounding disease control and treatment targets for patients with PsA.

COVID-19 Patient PSA Video Series

Dr. Jack Cush provides a series of "Patient Safety Advisories" on how patients can cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and rheumatology-related illnesses.

Biosimilars in Rheumatology

A first-of-its kind educational video series focusing on the “hot topics” in biosimilars from the perspective of leading Rheumatology experts. This educational series is presented by Sandoz, Inc.

Therapeutic Update: Rheumatoid Arthritis: Redefined

Sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
The RA Redefined video matrix aims to educate on the evolving understanding behind the pathophysiology of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the role of autoantibodies and cytokines in the disease, and how T cells and B cells perpetuate RA.