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Articles By Bella Mehta, MBBS, MS

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Unmasking Lupus Pregnancy: Adherence and Drug Monitoring Dilemmas

02 June 2023

Risk of poor pregnancy outcomes in lupus patients continues to remain high, especially in the setting of high disease activity. Preliminary data from a lupus pregnancy LEGACY cohort presented at EULAR 2023 raise concern.

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AOSD: Young vs. Elderly Onset

01 June 2023

Adult onset still's disease (AOSD) is an autoinflammatory condition characterized by fevers, arthritis, and rash. It is considered an orphan disease because of its low prevalence - it is reported anywhere between 16 to 40 per ten million.

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SLE: Variability in Racial Disparities in Pregnancy Outcomes

21 November 2022

Significant disparities exist in pregnancy outcomes in women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), with previous cohorts identifying Black women as having a higher risk of maternal mortality compared to White women with SLE.

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Methotrexate + pegloticase increases response rates in gout

15 November 2022

In abstract 0001 presented at ACR22 Convergence, researchers presented 12-month data from a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of pegloticase with or without MTX.

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Do biologics help taper steroids in Adult Still’s Disease?

12 November 2022

A Japanese large scale claims data study was able to collect 5-year data to study the treatment patterns in Still’s. In May 2019, intravenous tocilizumab was approved in Japan for Still’s disease. The study was designed to see patterns of steroid exposure before and after the approval of this therapy.

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AOSD: complicated disease or a disease with complications?

18 July 2022

Many clinicians may not have seen a case of AOSD during training, which overall leads to several delays in referrals and appropriate diagnosis for AOSD patients. AOSD is an autoinflammatory disease where innate immunity plays a primary role and is characterized by seemingly unprovoked inflammation, but without the high-titer autoantibodies or antigen specific T cells seen in autoimmune diseases.

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More severe COVID-19 outcomes in African American, Hispanic individuals with SLE

15 November 2021

A study from ACR21 convergence discussing data from the Global Rheumatology Alliance (GRA) describes the association between race/ethnicity on COVID-19 outcomes specifically in lupus patients.

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Telemedicine Enriched Care Model for Autoinflammatory Diseases

09 November 2021

Traditionally telemedicine is thought to be a technology where a patient directly talks to a provider or a specialist; however, another concept of having a patient with a local primary care who in turn accesses specialists via video conferencing, is gaining some momentum.  

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JAK Inhibitors in Refractory Adult and Childhood-Onset Still’s Disease

07 November 2021

Still's disease is an autoinflammatory disease characterized by spiking fever, rash, polyarthralgia, sore throat and even life-threatening complications, such as macrophage activation syndrome. It was first described by George Still in the late 1800s.

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Racial disparities in Bilateral Knee Arthroplasty in Osteoarthritis

01 December 2020

Although arthritis-related activity, disabling work limitations, and severe pain (which are indications for TKA) disproportionately impact African American patients compared to White patients, there are marked racial disparities documented in utilization and complications in unilateral total knee arthroplasty.  

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