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Articles By Janet Pope, MD, MPH, FRCPC


Here’s what will change my practice in Rheumatoid Arthritis

28 November 2023

Here's what I learned at ACR23 that will change the way I practice in rheumatoid arthritis. 

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JAKi and TYK2i: What to use and when?

20 November 2023

You can see that the JAKi/TYK2i have both approved or potential seropositive and seronegative indications. There are also improvements in PsO for the class and studies in CTDs. So, it is difficult to know which to choose.

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Who gives a ‘JAK’ why and how they work, as long as they do!

12 November 2023

Several abstracts have studied the mechanism of action of JAK inhibitors (JAKi) in various diseases. JAKi alter many other mediators affected by the JAK STAT pathway. For instance, T cell signature in blood that is proliferative was associated with a response in RA.

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Combining a Tyk2 inhibitor with a JAKi in RA?

08 June 2023

At EULAR 2023, there was a late breaking abstract that compared difficult to treat patients with RA who had received treatment (including TNFi and JAKi in some patients) previously and still had active disease.

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New treatment for Takayasu’s arteritis?

07 June 2023

Several studies were reported at EULAR2023 about Takayasu’s arteritis (vasculitis), a very rare large vessel vasculitis that occurs in young individuals.

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The future of lupus treatment is oral therapies?

01 June 2023

There has been an explosion of trials in SLE, including nonrenal and glomerulonephritis studies. But, what about the JAKis and Tyk2 oral drugs in SLE?

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Why treatment of pre-RA isn't ready for prime time

18 November 2022

The ACR Great Debate was on "To treat or not to treat in pre-RA?". What is the clinician to do?

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Medication adherence is a problem

13 November 2022

Much has been written about tapering medications in rheumatic diseases, often due to high costs of medications, a desire to avoid side effects and patient preference to take less medications (especially if they have side effects). This is countered by something we all know: medications not taken don’t work, and those that are frequently missed may not provide optimal outcomes for the majority of patients.

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Don’t be ‘ticked’: TYK2 is not a JAK!

12 November 2022

Recently the FDA approved deucravacitinib, a highly selective TYK2 inhibitor for psoriasis. Trials are positive in psoriatic arthritis and a phase II study in SLE. What about the effects? Presentations from the ACR22 meeting may provide answers.

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CV risk factors not equal when considering magnitude of risk

10 June 2022

What can we learn from Oral Surveillance? The Oral Surveillance trial has almost become a household word for rheumatologists.

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