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Articles By Kathryn H. Dao, M.D.

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SLE, Sex and STDs

13 November 2022

Once in a while, I find an abstract at the ACR meeting that can potentially save lives and be implemented in practice now.   In Abstract #0939, Dr. J Patricia Dhar and colleagues shared data from a pilot study examining a new method to monitor cervical health in African American Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) using a self-sampling brush to assess cervical cytology and human papilloma virus infection.

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The Sacred Bond

21 July 2022

Patients and their family for years have been inviting me to their dinners, picnics, baptisms, anniversaries, and funerals. I always felt somewhat awkward when asked to participate in a patient’s life outside of my office or the hospital setting and usually will decline politely. I tell myself I should not blur the lines between patient care and friendship. I broke this rule recently.

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Emerging Therapeutics for Lupus

06 June 2022

Impressive data on novel treatment for SLE were presented at the EULAR22 Congress. A disease that is difficult to study due to its pleomorphic presentation, unpredictable disease course, and high mortality rates, SLE is considered the dragon of all autoimmune diseases. Here are highlights of four exciting abstracts presented at the meeting with emerging therapeutics designed to slay the beast. 

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Babies! Safety and Outcomes Data on Pregnancies

02 June 2022

EULAR Congress 2022 highlighted several posters on pregnancy, an important subject as most rheumatic diseases afflicts women during their childbearing years.

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A Guide to Self Care of (Mild) COVID19

25 January 2022

There is guidance published on how to manage moderate to severe cases, but very few blueprints detail what to do with “mild” infection.  The first day, I developed congestion and cough, with a sore throat.  As the day progressed, I started to have chills, low grade fevers, and myalgias.  The postnasal drainage was overwhelming, and when I tried to swallow, it felt like swallowing broken glass.  Isolating in my room, I was left to deal with my symptoms.

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Freeze Tag

24 January 2022

A beloved childhood game I enjoyed was Freeze Tag. Players would run to avoid being tagged by the person who was “It”.  If you were tagged, you had to “freeze” in your spot until someone was brave enough to come un-tag you.  The game ends when everyone is frozen or if people quit. For over 2 years, I have been living in a real-life “Freeze Tag” game and able to dodge COVID19, until now. Sitting in my room symptomatic and frozen in isolation, I ruminated about my patients who had COVID19 and their experiences. I wanted to share with you three stories of three variants.

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Best of 2021: Rebuttals

20 December 2021

Since the COVID vaccine rollout, more people have been eligible to receive the vaccine. However, not everyone chooses to get one. I have heard many reasons (aka excuses) from my patients who are vaccine hesitant. 

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Prolonging the Controversy of Hydroxychloroquine

30 November 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was forced into the limelight for the prevention/treatment of COVID-19. When it was found to be ineffective for COVID-19 and might cause potential harm, the drug came under closer scrutiny for its safety profile.

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Redefining Aging

17 November 2021

I was thrilled that the American College of Rheumatology put together the Community Aging Hub and multiple sessions to help rheumatologists identify gaps in care for older patients with rheumatic diseases. My friend and colleague, Dr. Una Makris, taught me the 5 M’s of aging that should be assessed in our patients.

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Prolonging the Controversy of Hydroxychloroquine

05 November 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was forced into the limelight for the prevention/treatment of COVID-19.

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