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The RheumNow Week in Review – 3 March 2017

Mar 03, 2017 4:46 pm

Dr. Cush reviews the highlights and news from the past week on

  1. Doppler US halo sign a good predictor of GCA 92%sensitivity; 96% specificity; NPV90%; better than Bx 43% sensitive
  2. 748 VA pts w/ RA & HCV shows ALT>100 uncommon 3.4%; slightly more w/ biologics vs DMARD(4.8% vs 2.3%), 3/4 w/in 6 mos.
  3. UK hospitalized pt study shows Immune disorders (MS RA Pso SLE) may be associated w/ 30-90% increased dementia risk.
  4. Arthritis pts may have higher rate of Azulfidine related hypersensitivity (8.8%) - urticaria, angioedema, pruritis.
  5. 8/10 Nonprofit Agencies recv $$ support from drug/device industry; few publish conflicts or income sources. Hmmmm
  6. There is no association between ANCA-Associated Vasculitis and preceding malignancy.
  7. Sternoclavicular arthritis is septic in 7.3%; extraarticular infection, cirrhosis & cancer are(2-4fold) risk factors
  8. Evidence for DMARD use (MTX, LEF, AZA, MMF) in GCA and Takayasu's arteritis is low quality, small #s but favorable.
  9. Just like Oral Strategy Study (MTX+Tofa > Tofa), DREAM registry shows TNFi + MTX > TNFi. of 550 RA pts shows RA assoc ILD more likely w/ age, smoking, elevated LDH and RF positivity.
  10. In TNFi failure RA patients Secukinumab is modestly better than PBO (~30% vs 18%) but not as good as ABAtacept (43%)
  11. Computational analysis reveals 8 genes underlying an inverse relationship between schizophrenia & #RA.
  12. Psychologic Impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis on Men 
  13. Ophthalmic Giant Cell Arteritis and the Risk of Stroke
  14. Obesity Associated with Late-Onset Psoriatic Arthritis
  15. EULAR Recommendations on Reproductive Issues in Lupus and Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome 
  16. Can Marijuana Reduce Opioid Dependance? 
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