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ACR20 Pearls Part 3: Pragmatic Applications for Managing Vasculitis

While the ACR prepares to publish its new guidelines for the diagnosis and management of vasculitis in the Spring of 2020, Dr. John Stone presented his own perspectives on the practical management of vasculitis during the 2019 ACR meeting in Atlanta.  He acknowledged that what may be pearls one day, may be disproven with data in the future. 

The IL-6 Wars

In the years to come, the availability of numerous new IL-6 inhibitors it will either complicate treatment decisions, alter existing treatment paradigms, or result in an all-out war against TNF inhibitor dominance. Data, differences and time will tell.


Cannabis Arteritis

Following the November elections, there are now 29 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized marijuana (aka cannabis) for medical use. Of these, eight states and the District of Columbia have also approved laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Regardless of the stated benefits associated with marijuana use, there are potential health risks. One of these which rheumatologists may see more of in the future is cannabis arteritis. The following is a recent case we saw at the University of Colorado.

KOLs Predict: What Will the Next Year Bring?

A new subspecialty may emerge. New drugs will be approved (but it will be difficult for patients to get coverage for them). And an American team will win the World Series. All these and more: here are predictions for 2017 and beyond from rheumatologists across the country and around the world.


A Winning Season*

Winning is everything – in football and in medicine. Rheumatologists have achieved many successes but still struggle to win against a handful of rheumatic foes. This retrospective examines past wins and losses and helps us to look ahead to a new season.

Hot Stuff Part IV: Cardiovascular Outcomes and Vasculitis

The last in a four-part series from the CCF's Biologic Therapies Summit, we examine how to reduce CV risks in practice plus the current status of vasulitis management and the role biologics may play.