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COVID 19 Updates from RheumNow

RheumNow Podcast – “That’s Not My Name” (10.7.2022)

Dr. Jack Cush goes off on "Untitling" (not using proper names/titles) in the clinic, in addition to reports on rheumatologist salaries, new drugs in phase 1-3 development and the range of COVID-19 MSK symptoms -- all from the past week on

Great and Not So Great (9.30.2022)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from the past week on

COVID-19 Arthropathy and Myalgia

An online survey of random COVID-19 infected persons shows that arthralgia and myalgia are common consequences to COVID-19 infection.

2022 Lasker Award Winners


The Lasker Foundation has announced the winners of its 2022 Lasker Awards: Richard O. Hynes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Erkki Ruoslahti (Sanford Burnham Prebys) and Timothy A.

Heavy Metal Rheumatology (9.23.2022)

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and great reviews of our weekly podcast.

COVID Outcomes in Dermatomyositis

A retrospective study of dermatomyositis (DM) patients with COVID-19, shows that DM patients without comorbidities fair well (with regard to mortality and hospitalisation).

Does Fibromyalgia Need B12? (9.9.2022)

Can we predict the bad outcomes? Like when ITP evolves into SLE; or when psoriasis will develop arthritis; or if Sjogren's will develop lymphoma? Let's dive in and review these journal reports and this past week's news from

Goofy But True

Dr. Jack Cush discusses declining survival rates in the USA, FDA approvals of new COVID subvariant boosters and other odd and possibly true new research reports from the past week on

FDA Approves BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron COVID Booster Vaccines

Today the FDA authorized the updated Omicron subvariant (BA.4 and BA.5) COVID-19 booster shots manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna; with an anticipated ship/start date of early September 2022. The BA.5 subvariant accounts for more than 88% of U.S. infections.

Influenza Vaccination Recommendations


The CDC has published an update to the recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on the use of seasonal influenza vaccines in the United States for the 2022-23 season.

Hit Parade Review (8.12.2022)

We've got a lot to discuss this week: psoriasis; fatigue; sleep; sural nerve biopsies; uveitis and SpA; diet and RA; tofacitinib and the ORAL surveillance study; what not to take with mycophenolate - and more. In what order should these items be discussed?

The Great Unknowns (8.5.2022)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, FDA approvals, journal articles from the past week on RheumNow; plus viewer questions. This week great hopes for vitamin D, the great unknows of CSA and the great big mess that is the gout.


COVID Highlights Dr. Leonard Calabrese and Dr. Cassandra Calabrese share highlights on COVID data being presented at #ACR22
Dr. John Cush @RheumNow ( View Tweet )
2 months 1 week ago
Impact of COVID 19 on Pregnancies in Women with RMD Dr. Cassy Sims ( @DrCassySims) discusses abstract 0950 at #ACR22.
Dr. John Cush @RheumNow ( View Tweet )
2 months 1 week ago
Vaccination +/- prior Covid-19, and with either mRNA or vectored DNA vaccines were not associated with AIRD flares. Negative association 21-days after 1st Covid-19 vaccination and no association after 2nd or 3rd doses. Nakafero G Abs#2194 #ACR22 @RheumNow
Dr. Antoni Chan @synovialjoints ( View Tweet )
2 months 2 weeks ago
Problem w antibodies to prevent #COVID19 infection in rheumatic Pts is that they are not as good in variants that are more prominent ex Omicron strains. But should we use in high risk Pts ex long rituximab users? I do in this group. @RheumNow #ACR22
2 months 2 weeks ago
L08 #ACR22 TIX/CIL (Evusheld) in Rheum Pts 157 pts, f/u 154 days 24 breakthrough COVID ifns (15%) 2 pts required hospitalization, rest had mild-mod symptoms No SAEs (CVD) @RheumNow
2 months 2 weeks ago
In a prospective cohort where MTX was withheld for 1 week post COVID vaccine, antibodies higher than other DMARDs which were continued (mostly RTX/MMF). Good to see more direct data rather than having to extrapolate from flu. @RheumNow ABST0913 #ACR22

Julian Segan @JulianSegan ( View Tweet )

2 months 2 weeks ago
Even young SLE patients are still at high risk of severe COVID: - in general pop, age is key factor - in SLE, risk is high across age groups (maybe due to both meds & disease) - vaccination makes a big diff but SLE pts still at high risk ABST1591 @CCalabreseDO #ACR22 @RheumNow
2 months 2 weeks ago
#ACR22 Abstr#1756 More data on safety of #COVID vaccine to cite when counselling patients with inflammatory arthritis (IA). Data from COVAX registry (over 7000 pts) showed rates of serious adverse event was low 0.3% vs 2.5% in those with non-IA RMD group @RheumNow
Md Yuzaiful Md Yusof @Yuz6Yusof ( View Tweet )
2 months 2 weeks ago
The pandemic has brought many challenges to our community. One of them is the lingering effects of COVID-19. #PASC #COVID #ACR22 #RheumTwitter

Akhil Sood MD @AkhilSoodMD ( View Tweet )

2 months 2 weeks ago
All monster stories end with an unexpected award: A new order @cuttingforstone at #ACR22 tells the monster story of #covid “How will history review our story?” The science will get an A+, but we failed to learn the lessons of history All was predictable through history @RheumNow
2 months 2 weeks ago