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COVID 19 Updates from RheumNow

Kids' COVID-Linked Ailment Is Not Your Typical Kawasaki Disease

As data continue to emerge about a multi-system inflammatory disorder in children apparently connected to COVID-19, evidence is growing that this is not your typical Kawasaki disease.

Plaquenil Does Not Protect Lupus Patients from COVID-19

Annals of Rheumatic Disease reports on an analysis of lupus (SLE) patients that shows COVID-19 infection rates were similar between those lupus patients who were taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and those not taking HCQ. 

TNR Grand Rounds - What does COVID-19 have to do with Lupus?

Last night's Tuesday Nite Rheumatology featured Dr.

Our Privilege

Another lonely locked-down day. Seems like months. Rent is due, phone and EMR fees next week. Loan is pending. Seems impossible to treat complex diseases without touch and only computer screen rapport.

RheumNow Podcast – The Beat Goes On (5.8.20)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from the past week on

Safe Practices for Outpatient Appointments

As many parts of the country are lifting restrictions for businesses and allowing them to re-open, doctors are asking what they should do to keep themselves, their staff, and their patients safe.  As rheumatologists, we have vulnerable patients who are at high risk for complications from COVID19;

COVID-19 and Thrombotic Complications

Severe and fatal outcomes with coronavirus infection are often the result of the downstream damage that follows the viral infection.

TNR Grand Rounds: IL-6 in Health and Disease

Dr. Len Calabrese from the Cleveland Clinic delivers this week's Tuesday Nite Rheumatology Grand Rounds, entitled "IL-6 in Health and Disease: Where Rheumatology Meets COVID-19".

Hydroxychloroquine's World of Confusion - What you Need to Know

Hydroxychloroquine has been a dominant news item since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, with a great deal of misconceptions by those who don't know or use or take the drug. HCQ leaped to the headlines on March 19th when President Trump endorsed the drug as being “approved” by FDA.

ACR: In-Person Urgent vs. Virtual Non-Urgent Medical Care

On April 26, 2020 the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) published a guidance paper to assist rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals in assessing the need for urgent or face-to-face medical care versus virtual or telehealth patient care.  The driving principals being the need t

Hydroxychloroquine and QTc Prolongation

JAMA Cardiology reports the risk of QT (QTc) prolongation when hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was given to hospitalized patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), especially when given with azithromycin. 

German Society of Rheumatology COVID Pandemic Recommendations

The Annals of Rheumatic Disease has published the preliminary recommendations of the German Society of Rheumatology for the management of Inflammatory rheumatic diseases patients during the SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 pandemic. 


Anakinra studied in COVID(+) ARDS (nonICU) pts w/ high CRP L or ferritin; 29 high dose Anakinra vs 17 controls. At day 21, more survival with anakinra 90% vs. Controls 56% (p=0·009). Anakinra also more improved CRP+resp function (72 vs 50%)

Dr. John Cush RheumNow( View Tweet)

2 weeks 3 days ago
The RheumNow Podcast is up - The Beat Goes On.... anakinra, nr-AxSpA, Smoking & GPA, PSS guidelines, IFNa, COVID and IL-6, HCQ,QTc, and Thromboses

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2 weeks 3 days ago
European Medicines Agency (EMA), FDA and Health Canada have all issued warnings about the use of hydroxychloroquine & chloroquine in coronavirus, stating they should only be used in drug studies or hospitalized pts.

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2 weeks 6 days ago
American Hospital Association (AHA), in a new report, projected a loss of $202.6 billion from COVID-19 expenses and lost revenue for US hospitals and health systems from Mar 1 to Jun 30—about $50 billion in losses each month.

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2 weeks 6 days ago
COVID-19 Does alot of Damage via thrombotic complications - a role for complement or autoantibody mediated thrombotic microangiopathy? #COVID19

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2 weeks 6 days ago
Grand Rounds tomorrow at Rutgers - Im Lecturing on “Disease Modifying and Biologic Use for COVID-19 & the Cytokine Storm Syndrome” Meeting ID: 934 0443 3549

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2 weeks 6 days ago
“Middle-high level of RF-IgM could lead to false-positive reactivity of SARS-CoV-2 IgM “ As more people want SARS-CoV2 antibody testing, I am afraid this will give people a false sense of security ⁦@RheumNow⁩ ⁦@ACRheum⁩ NCBI - NLM - NIH
2 weeks 6 days ago
Check out a great Grand Rounds by Dr. Len Calabrese @LCalabreseDO on "IL-6 in Health & Disease" - great 30 min lecture and great Q&A session - Bravo Lenny!

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2 weeks 6 days ago
Case report of a stable GPA patient treated with pred and Rituxan on 3/5, developed COVID Sxs next day, progressed to high fever, resp failue, mech ventilaion, Rx with antivirals, HCQ; extubated day 20, negative PCR x2 and discharged day 29.

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3 weeks ago
World Scleroderma Found Recs on COVID 1) SSc w/ Lung dz may be at risk; 2) Cont Rx & avoid SSc lapse in Rx; 3) SSc pts dont need testing unless Sx+; 4) ACE/ARBs BP meds continued; 5) Initiating preventative Rx w/ HCQ is not recommended

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3 weeks 1 day ago