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COVID 19 Updates from RheumNow

Best of 2021: Tofacitinib Safety Concerns

Dr. Jack Cush reviews and discusses the news and journal reports from the past week on

Best of 2021: Israel provides COVID vaccine answers for rheumatic disease patients

The question as to how autoimmune rheumatic disease patients fare with the COVID vaccine is one being asked in rheumatologists’ offices everywhere this year, and at the EULAR 2021 Virtual Congress, data presented from Israel, one of the first countries to vaccinate on a br

Best of 2021: Zoomatology – Present in Absentia

Zoom has become the slam dunk answer to the pandemic. With zoom you can avoid congregations, but still attend and belong.  Because of zoom you can sustain your business and continue medical care.  With zoom, learning moved from the classroom to the dining room for all.

Best of 2021: My Personal Delta COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection

As many of you are aware, I have written and spoken on COVID-19 extensively over these past 20 months, and just last month wrote about the dangers of the delta variant. In July, things took an unexpected turn when I developed a breakthrough infection with the delta variant.

Best of 2021: Consults in Cars

In this episode of Dialing for Doctors (AKA Tales of Telehell), we will consider a growing subset of telehealth seekers connecting from their cars.

I don’t mean they are driving to the clinic, or driving to a virtual care center.  

Best of 2021: Rebuttals

Since the COVID vaccine rollout, more people have been eligible to receive the vaccine. However, not everyone chooses to get one. I have heard many reasons (aka excuses) from my patients who are vaccine hesitant. 

Indications Awaiting (12.17.21)

There's good news and bad news in rheumatology fellowship matching for 2022.  There's also new FDA approvals and indications, but a new serious safety warning has arisen from the CDC about the J&J COVID-19 vaccine. 

CDC Panel Recommends mRNA COVID Vaccines Over J&J Vaccine

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday recommended Americans has recommended the two authorised mRNA COVID-19 vaccines over Johnson & Johnson's adenovirus COVID-19 vaccine, primarily due to the rare reports of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

Serious Adverse Events Associated with Tocilizumab in COVID-19 Patients

Safety analysis of over 1000 adverse events associated with the use of tocilizumab in the treatment of COVID‐19 infection shows both rare expected and some unexpected AE.

Telehealth Diet and Exercise Benefits Knee Osteoarthritis

Annals of Internal Medicine has reported the results of a randomized clinical trial showing that telehealth-delivered exercise and diet programs improved pain and function in knee osteoarthritis patients who were overweight.  While both were beneficial, exercise had a greater effect than dietary

Telemedicine Upside Interview with Dr. Alvin Wells

In spite of the transformative growth of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, rheumatologys use of telemedicine is waning, much like the masks that use to be on everyones face.


@ACRheum guidance from 2/2021 recc holding HCQ in pts with #COVID19. Are you doing this? We need updated guidances with #Omicron @rheum_cat @LCalabreseDO @CCalabreseDO @RADoctor @RheumNow @JYazdanyMD

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There have been reports of COVID-19 vaccination causing adult-onset Still’s dz onset. Now a case of AOSD, given the BNT162b2 vax and developing Macrophage activation syndrome w/ ferritin levels of 136,680 µg/l

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Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines in Rheumatic Patients A multinational study shows that the use of COVID vaccination in rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease (I-RMD) is safe, well-tolerated with very rare serious adverse events (AEs).
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2 weeks ago
Does COVID Vax reduce adolescent MIS-C risk? In France 77% of teens recv COVID Vaccine by 10/2021. From Sept-Oct 2021,107 MIS-C kids were hospitalized in France; 31% were eligible but not vaccinated. MIS-C risk dropped 91% (0.09) after 1st first vax dose
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2 weeks ago
Best of 2021: Israel provides COVID vaccine answers for rheumatic disease patients
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2 weeks 6 days ago
We're now learning about the T-cell response to Omicron after an mRNA vaccine boosters. That's why these new findings in people with multiple sclerosis on immunosuppressive therapy are very encouraging
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listen to my take on how out pt mgmnt for #immunocompromised pts can be optimized & how we MUST protect them fr #COVID19 @VuMedi link @NatalieEAzarMD @BolekBerqui @KDAO2011 @rhjeumn @CreakyJoints @AWIRGROUP @RNSociety @RheumAPP
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4 weeks ago
Third Time's the Charm - COVID Vaccination While on Rituximab
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1 month 2 weeks ago
ICYMI: Update on Safety, Effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in SLE
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1 month 2 weeks ago
COVID-19 in Patients with Primary Systemic Vasculitis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica Dr. Bella Mehta ( @bella_mehta) interviews Dr. Sebastian Sattui about abstract #0952 presented at the #ACR21 annual meeting.

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