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Sleep Apnea Smart Watches (10.13.2023)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, journal reports and regulatory approvals from this past week on

  1. Full Read review of #PMR in Lancet: - Start @ 12·5–25mg prednisone qd - Remission in most but, relapses in 40–60% - Onset sudden; AM stiffness predominates; Shoulders>Pelvic ~50% have distal MSK Sxs - US: look for B/L sub-acromial/deltoid bursitis

  2. 2005 study of 364 PMR pts (age 73.4 yrs) - 284 Rx w/ steroids, predictors of relapse =higher initial CS dose & faster CS tapering. Relapse 4-fold higher when the CS tapering rate was fast (HR 4.27). Minimize initial CS dose and taper CS slowly!!

  3. Turkish study 1,134 PsA pts found mean Dx delay=35 mos (median: 12). 39%  Dx w/in 3 mos, &  67% w/in 24 mos. Dx delay decr. over time: 60 to 24 mos (<2010 to 2015–2019). Dx delay factors: less education (OR 2.6), arthritis>PSO (1.7), LBP 1st (1.6)

  4. Felson reports a novel model to study knee OA. 2,340 Adults from the MOON study undergoing post-traumatic ACL reconstructions (ACLR), 16-26% identified w/ continued w/ knee pain & at risk for accelerated #OA -->study of interventions

  5. In 2024, the new Samsung Galaxy watch will be able to detect sleep apnea using the Samsung Health Monitor app that monitors BP, ECG, irregular heart rhythm, and blood O2 levels. Approved by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for use in Korea.

  6. 342 systemic sclerosis pts, ~32% report reproductive probs: -early menopause onset (45 vs 48y) -menopause effected by SSc onset & digital ulcers -More spont Abs(12 vs 4%), premies (22 vs 6%), low birth Wt (27 vs 5%), C-section (49 vs 19%); NOT Infertility

  7. Epidemiology of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: - incidence 0.2 - 2 per 100,000 PYs - prevalence 2 - 25 per 100,000 #s vary w/ age/gender & geography; BUT is still unreported in South America, Africa & Asia

  8. Hepatotoxicity related to Anakinra has been reported in pediatric rheumatology patients. LFT elevations have been reported with IL-1 inhibition, even after excluding LFTs from the inflamm Dx, other drugs, MAS, etc. Here are 3 case reports.

  9. Comparison of 354 527 COVID-19 infected vs 6.1 mill controls shows COVID incr risk of alopecia areata (aHR 1.12), alopecia totalis (aHR 1.74), ANCA vasculitis (aHR 2.76), Crohns (aHR), & sarcoidosis (aHR).

  10. 53.2 Million with Diagnosed Arthritis (USA: 2019–2021)

  11. FDA Approves IV Secukinumab 

  12. TNR Steroids and PMR

  13. Next week:  Steroid-sparing Therapies in PMR

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