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RheumNow Podcast – Listener Questions (3.12.2021)

Mar 12, 2021 1:03 pm

Dr Jack Cush reviews the news, Journal reports, CDC guidelines and viewer questions from the last week on

  1. 75 RA pts on MTX >3 yrs had FIBROSCANS done to assess their value. 12 pts (16%) had Fibroscan ≥ 7.1 kPa, 3 patients w/ severe liver stiffness (9.5 to 12.5 kPa) & 1 w/ cirrhosis range scores (> 12.5 kPa). No Bx were done; LFTs were not predictive
  2. 122 Adult onset Still's disease pts followed a median of 12 mos shows 21% with >=1 relapses. The cum relapse rate was 29% at 36 mos. Relapses increased w intensive Rx (OR 6.8) & MAS (OR 4.0). "Intensive" refers to steroids plus DMARDs - not biologics
  3. Metanalysis of 45 studies, ∼175 000 individuals shows a significant association between pain and socioeconomic status (SES).Chronic pain was higher with low SES (OR 1.32) and medium SES level (OR 1.16)
  4. Matched cohort study of 142 Takayasu arteritis pts - incidence 0.8 per million/Yr. TAK had increased in All‐cause mortality (adj HR 1.88 ;1.29–2.76), ischemic heart dz, CVA, TIA, CVD, PVD - but not HTN, CHF or DM. Only ~50% were on statins or anti-Plt Rx
  5. Analysis of 8416 pts w/ Kawasaki disease (KD) shows older and younger children differ. <10% were under 6 mos, 78%) were 6 mos-4yrs; 11% 5 to 9 yrs. Younger KD had more incomplete KD, coronary aneurysms, while older had more delayed diagnoses, more fever
  6. Data Safety committee has closed recruitment to the colchicine arm in the RECOVERY trial a UK study of outcomes in COVID-19. Among 11162 enrolled pts (2178 deaths) those Rx w/ Colchicine had same 28 day mortality as usual care (20% vs. 19%)
  7. COVID-19-Related Deaths in Rheumatic Disease Patients  
  8. Low Anaphylaxis Risk with COVID mRNA Vaccines
  9. CDC: Interim Guidance for COVID Vaccinated People 
  10. Back Talk - Questions from Viewers
    • Serum sickness with COVID vaccines?
    • Treatment of LGL leukemia and RA
    • COVID vaccination while on rituximab
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