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What’s new in knee osteoarthritis that matters?

Are intra-articular steroid injections effective in symptomatic knee OA? Do they accelerate cartilage loss? Does weight less actually help? Do we have DMARDs for knee OA? Insights from 2020 ACR Convergence.

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The folly of dietary restriction in contemporary gout?

Nov 19, 2020

Gout has historically been considered a disease of the financially rich, rich in diet, and rich in alcohol. This legacy frequently results in contemporary patients reporting that they are adjusting their diet to try and control their hyperuricaemia and gout, often deferring urate-lowering

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Systemic Sclerosis and Physical Therapy

Nov 09, 2020

Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a chronic fibrosing disease currently with no available cure. Just as pharmacologic treatment is important to control the disease or delay its progression, non-pharmacologic interventions are also essential in the management of patients. 

This article will

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Poll results are in! 50% of those that responded note that they recommend breathing exercises, yoga, and increase dietary intake of turmeric and ginger to their RA patients! #ACR20 @RheumNow

Meral K. El Ramahi, MD MeralElRamahiMD ( View Tweet)

Nov 09, 2020
Very low #vitaminD levels <20ng/mL are associated with renal insufficiency in patients with #SLE. Abs#1789 #ACR20 @RheumNow

Mrinalini Dey DrMiniDey ( View Tweet)

Nov 09, 2020
I recommend you don’t try this at home. Bariatric surgery may delay need for TKA in knee OA. Supports that et loss may help. Comparison study NOT RCT of 25 bariatric pts with knee OA compared to 28 with TKA abstr#1656 #ACR20 @RheumNow @CRASCRRheum

Janet Pope Janetbirdope ( View Tweet)

Nov 09, 2020
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) benefits RA, & it looks more than just exercise-FM-CV health. Changes in T cell activity, muscle oxidative metabolism after HIIT in sedentary RA pts n=12 Looking forward to seeing more in this area @dukemedicine #ACR20 ABST1757 @RheumNow
David Liew drdavidliew ( View Tweet)
Nov 09, 2020
#Curcumin for PsA & RA?🤔 Results suggest curcumin's efficacy on pt's perceived symptom alleviation & poss correlation w/ dose and length of tx. @RheumNow #ACR20 abs1230
Nov 08, 2020
#Rheumatologists, do you communicate with your patients regarding #physicalactivity? This study shows half the patients believed their doctor don't know what type of physical activity to recommend! 👉🏽 #ACR20 #0146
Dr Ai Lyn Tan DrAiLynTan ( View Tweet)
Nov 07, 2020
@RheumNow #acr20 abs0654 we are what we eat: analysis of OmniHeart trial of pts w/HTN reveals DASH-patterns plant-based protein diet can also significantly lower sUA improves HTN &hyperlipidemia. Clincial trial of DASH plant protein based diet in gout would be interesting.
Olga Petryna DrPetryna ( View Tweet)
Nov 07, 2020

RheumNow Podcast – Back Talk: Questions from Listeners (10.23.20)

Oct 23, 2020

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, journal reports, survey results and "Back Talk" questions from Rheums.

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NEJM reports that obese pts having bariatric surgery have a longer life expectancy (less death HR 0.77; 0.68-0.87; P<0.001) than pts treated w/ nonsurgical, usual obesity care.

Dr. John Cush RheumNow ( View Tweet)

Oct 21, 2020
Swedish GWAS study of >850,000 individuals shows Genetically predicted BMI (obesity) significantly increases RA riskk, but no correlation of RA risk to waist-to-hip ratios.

Dr. John Cush RheumNow ( View Tweet)

Sep 24, 2020

RheumNow Podcast – Lupus Delights (9.18.20)

Sep 18, 2020

Dr Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from the past week on

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Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Risk of RA

Sep 15, 2020

Arthritis and Rheumatology reports that a Mediterranean diet (MD) is capable of reducing the high risk of RA among women who have smoked tobacco. The results stem from the E3N Study, a French prospective cohort study that collects dietary data on 98,995 women since 1990. An MD score was derived

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Comorbidities Impact Disease Activity in Spondyloarthritis

Sep 13, 2020

An analysis of a large population-based cohort of axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) patients shows that comorbidities are common and are associated with higher disease activity and higher levels of functional impairment.

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Fibromyalgia & Exercise? Systematic review of 50 trials, shows that, compared to usual care, exercise had moderate effect on fatigue, small effect on sleep and meditative exercise programs were the most effective for improving sleep quality.

Dr. John Cush RheumNow ( View Tweet)

Aug 24, 2020
Dr. D. Minna @UTSWNews rheum grand rounds: review of OA: 1. Exercise may increase cartilage volume 2. Osteophytes are an adaptation to mechanical stimuli rather than a degen. process (no correl w/cartilage volume) 3. Hallmark of OA is abn. matrix turnover @RheumNow
Aug 09, 2020
Full read clinical practice guideline on obesity management from the Canadian Medical Assn Journal.

Dr. John Cush RheumNow ( View Tweet)

Aug 05, 2020

Lovastatin Fails to Lower CRP and Activity in RA

Aug 04, 2020

Ridker and colleagues have shown that statins (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme-A (HMG Co-A) reductase inhibitors) are effective at treating hyperlipidaemia and lowering C-reactive protein levels; Aranaow and colleagues have shown that lovastatin, when given to rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

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Metanalysis of 10 studies ( p534 patients) shows that exercise in ankylosing spondylitis improves pain, function and disease activity. Statistically signif improvement in pain (P<0.0001), BASDAI (P <0.00001), and BASFI (P<0.00001), but not CRP and ESR.

Dr. John Cush RheumNow ( View Tweet)

Jul 30, 2020

RheumNow Podcast – COVID-19 Responds to Steroids (7.24.20)

Jul 24, 2020

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the News and Journal Reports from the past week on

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For TNF Response in RA, Weight Matters

Jul 22, 2020

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who were obese were significantly less likely to remain on treatment with tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors -- but so were those who were underweight, a large, long-term study determined.

Compared with patients with normal weight, patients in obesity

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Bisphosphonate therapy may be protective against radiographic knee OA progression in early‐stage patients (KL grade < 2) (HR 0.53), especially non-obese. Study from 1977 women in the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Dr. John Cush RheumNow ( View Tweet)

Jul 20, 2020
#EULAR2020 #op0192 UK Biobank and IMPALA studies: metabolic body composition of PsA pts w/increased VAT,ectopic liver fat distribution & ⬆️ abdominal fat index associated w/increased risk of CHD&T2DM @RheumNow
Olga Petryna DrPetryna ( View Tweet)
Jun 07, 2020