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Kathryn Dao, MD and Deedre Morales
Since the start of the pandemic, my emotions have swung like the pendulum of the hydroxychloroquine efficacy/inefficacy for COVID-19 debate. Stress has always been a part of my life, but it magnified with the recent events in our world. Dr. Lenny Calabrese had cited the benefits of mindfulness meditation to improve immunologic health and sharpen mental acuity. I had seen benefits in my patients, but never could do it myself. How can people meditate and strike a pose when there is so much to worry about?  Stress-eating seems so much more comforting! 

Staying Abreast of COVID-19

Dealing with unknowns is both difficult and frustrating, as the answer is often not within our reach. The current pandemic has created a tidal wave of unknowns, scaring patients and putting physicians in a difficult spot.

The IL-6 Wars

In the years to come, the availability of numerous new IL-6 inhibitors it will either complicate treatment decisions, alter existing treatment paradigms, or result in an all-out war against TNF inhibitor dominance. Data, differences and time will tell.

How to Handle Latex Allergies and Biologics

What to do when a patient has a latex allergy and you prescribe an injectable biologic (many having latex allergy as a contraintication)?

Highlights from the 4th World Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Conference; Stockholm, Sweden July 9-11, 2015

The 4th annual IFPA meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden on July 9-11, 2015. Leading experts discussed advances in research, therapy and patient care for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.