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Lupus Outcomes Influenced by Race/Ethnicity

May 22, 2019 3:04 pm

A lupus registry from San Francisco County analyzed racial/ethnic differences in lupus manifestations and found significant differences in SLE manifestations among racial/ethnic groups. Researchers found that Blacks, Asians/Pacific Islanders (API), and Hispanics are more likely to develop severe manifestations following a diagnosis of SLE.

From their database, they identified 724 SLE patients, and identified specific features in different subgroups. 

  • Renal manifestations: were increased in blacks, APIs, and Hispanics [PR 1.74, PR 1.68, PR 1.35,  respectively]
  • Neurologic manifestations: were increased in blacks [PR 1.49 (95%CI: 1.12–1.98)]
  • Hematologic disease: was increased in blacks [PR 1.09 (95%CI: 1.04–1.15)] and APIs [PR 1.07 (95%CI: 1.01–1.13)]
  • Lupus nephritis: blacks, APIs, and Hispanics had a higher risk of developing nephritis [HR 2.4, HR 4.3, HR 2.3]
  • Thrombocytopenia was more likely in  blacks, APIs, and Hispanics [HR 2.3, HR 2.3, HR 2.2, respectively].
  • Anti-Phospholipid syndrome: a higher risk was seen in APIs and Hispanics [HR 2.5, HR 2.6, respectively].


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