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The RheumNow Week in Review – 10 February 2017

Feb 10, 2017 9:58 am

Dr. Jack Cush discusses the news and reports from this week on RheumNow:

  1. Unlike RA, gout pts sustained a 25% excess mortality rate that has NOT changed in the last 20 yrs. Sobering data.
  2. Jo-1+ pts w/ incomplete antisynthetase syndrome are highly likely to evolve to full triad-ILD arthritis & myositis.
  3. Clinical review of anti-GMCSF mAb-mavrilimumab. Preclinical, Phase I/II efficacy & safety in #RA; 60-70% ACR20 resp
  4. Large cohort of autoimmune Dz, few (87) developed myeloid neoplasm; 7x more w/ AZA & 3.5x more w/ CTX (not MTX, MMF)
  5. Fecal calprotectin commonly followed in IBD. 204 AS pts 2/3 had high levels: fell w/ TNFi, not NSAID;1.5% got Crohns
  6. Belimumab RCTs shows promising renal effects. 55% improved renal outcomes, 71% improved proteinura, renal flare=1.7%
  7. In 839 active #SLE pts, belimumab yielded 13% more responses, 51d delay in flares, 6.3% more pred reductions VS PBO
  8. Among 331 #RA patients only half received vaccine for influenza and 2/3 failed to receive pneumococcal vaccination
  9. Diabetics have incr risk of #RA (^37%) thats decreased by HCQ (-33%), abatacept (-48%), higher w/ Pred & statins
  10. Modest Efficacy for Methotrexate in Psoriasis
  11. Novel Peripheral Helper T Cells in RA 
  12. Intra-articular Corticosteroids or Methotrexate for Oligoarticular JIA? 
  13. Cytoplasmic Autoantibodies in the Anti-Synthetase Syndrome 
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