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Rheum Fellowship Slots Fill Up for 2024

Nov 30, 2023 5:45 pm

While adult rheumatology programs continue to have high match rates, pediatric rheumatology programs remain less popular.The National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) announced yesterday that the 2024 rheumatology fellowship match filled 97.6% (124/127) of programs, and 98.9% (273/276) of rheumatology fellowship positions. This is on par with last years (2023) adult rheumatology match wherein 97.8% (265/271) of the rheumatology fellow positions were filled.

Adult rheumatology was in the top six of all medical subspecialties filling there match (98.9%), with only 3 programs (2.4%) and 3 positions (1.1%) going unfilled.   Matched applicants included 117 MD graduates, 86 foreign applicants, 38 DO graduates, and 32 US citizen international medical graduates.

Again, this year the NRMP pediatric rheumatology fellowship match only filled 21 out of 38 programs (55%) and 61.5% (32/52) positions.  A high number of fellowship programs (n=17; 44.7%) and pediatric fellowship positions (n=20; 38.5%) went unfilled. This was less than last years (2023) Pediatric rheumatology match that filled 27/41 positions (62.8%).  Matched applicants included 23 MD graduates, 6 DO graduates, and 3 foreign applicants.

Good news is that for 2024 the number of applicants, rheumatology fellowship programs and rheumatology fellow positions (271-->276) increased.  


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