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RheumNow Podcast – ACR Convergence Begins (11.5.2021)

Dr. Cush reviews the news, and kicks off ACR21 learning and how to take in the annual meeting.

  1. Study 144 pts Rx w/ Rituximab for Autoimmune renal Dz (AAV, FSGS, IgG4RD, LN, etc). 17% had Severe infections (SIE) w/in 3 mos; mostly pulm & GU. Risk factors=BMI, high creatinine. Hypogammaglobulinemia was frequent (58.5%) but not associated with SIE

  2. Early RA cohort (CATCH) 1891 early RA, 30% Rx oral steroids as bridge therapy; but 30% of these did not taper or D/C steroids after 24 mos. Early GC use assoc w/ age, unemployment, high Dz activity, later biologic use.

  3. Systematic review of dietary interventions for RA - 30 RCTs, 1063 pts; Pain was most reported outcome, sporadic studies showed occ. lowering of ESR, CRP, TNF, Plts, Igs, etc. Few studies show Anti-inflammatory diets may effective lowering DAS in RA

  4. Serologically Active, Clinically Quiescent SLE

  5. 2 inactive (86%) #RA pts were treated with checkpoint inhibitors & Immune-related adverse events occurred in 7 (32%; two severe AE) leading to 6/22 D/C. RA flares occurred in 12 (55%); 10/12 Rx with steroids & good response.

  6. Management of Immune-Related Adverse Events - ASCO Guideline 

  7. RheumNowS ACR21 Coverage

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| Nov 06, 2021 12:14 pm

Congratulations Jack !
Although I am retired from clinical rheumatology practice, I am so impressed with what you have amazingly accomplished with Rheum Now and your ACR podcasts, daily summaries, etc !!! Keep up your great, fantastic, tireless effort ! Best wishes for continued success:)
Alan Kaell
Consult for ACGME NAS Scholarly Activites for GME programs.
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Renaissance SOM SUNY SB (V)
Adjunct Clinical Professor, Zucker SOM Hostra/Northwell (V)

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