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ILD Patients At Risk for Autoimmune Disease

Oct 04, 2019 1:37 pm

Patients diagnosed with interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features (IPAF) are at an increased risk of developing a systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease (ARD).

A retrospective study of interstitial lung disease (ILD) patients from the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (2009 to 2017) looked for those who did or did not meet IPAF criteria.

Analysis of ILD patients found 174 who met inclusion criteria (50 met IPAF criteria and 124 did not).

Of those with with IPAF, 16% (8/50) were diagnosed with an ARD after a median follow-up of 5.2 years. By comparison, only 1.6% (2/124) of those without IPAF developed ARD (P = 0.001).

Progressing to ARD was 14 times likely in patients with IPAF (OR 14.18, 95% CI 1.44-138.95, P = 0.02).


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