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RheumNow Podcast - RWCS Quick Hits (2.14.20)

Feb 14, 2020 1:52 pm

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the highlights from the 2020 RWCS meeting in Maui, Hawaii.

  1. How long will they last? Vast majority of TKR or THR (>70%) will last 25 yrs. Failure is usually for infection or fracture. Dr Wm Bugbee #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
  2. Trends in periop Rx of hip and knee replacement. Little or no narcotics, pain cocktail, tramexamic acid to reduce blood loss & outpt THR ant approach in low risk pts Dr zen Bugbee #RWCS2020 @RheumNow
  3. “A CDAI of over 40 is fibromyalgia!” In regard to RA patients on therapy. Dr. Cush @RheumNow @RWCSmtg #RWCS20
  4. Shingles vaccine appears to reduce stroke risk by about 16% in older adults. In addition, the shingles vaccine may offer the strongest protection against stroke for people younger than 80
  5. Poorly regulated industry of Stem cell injx for OA fail to show consistent evidence of efficacy. Dr E Ruderman #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
  6. PRP injections for knee OA may work, but at a very high can 8 price $714. Dr E Ruderman #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
  7. Leeches work in osteoarthritis, but you won't like the icky side effects. Dr E Ruderman #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
  8. Some improvement with lateral wedge insoles on function but not pain in one OA. Dr E Ruderman #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg
  9. "EPI is wimpy and Sceritis is the real deal!". Dr AWells #RWCS @RWCSmtg Scleritis is a Vasculitis that requires systemic therapy
  10. Teprotumumab effective in thyroid associated ophthalmopsthy it inhibits IGF 1 Dr AWells #RWCS @RWCSmtg
  11. 66 pt RA study shows that adding an Exercise program results in significant physicial and cognitive improvement while lowering CRP (p = 0.025), fatigue (p = 0.047) and truncal fat (p = 0.004)
  12. JBMR UK network study of 146,956 adults > 50 yrs compared Fracture Risk with tramadol (no cancer/Fx/Opioid disorder) compared to codeine (or naproxen, IBU, celecoxib, etoricoxib). Tramadol was assoc w/ a 28-70% higher Risk of hip Fx
  13. Open label study of Abatacept in 79 patients with primary Sjogrens syndrome showed no difference between those treated wtih ABA vs Placebo.
  14. DMARD Inertia by Registry Rheumatologists


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