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Racial and Ethnic Determinants of Psoriatic Arthritis

Feb 05, 2024 2:07 pm

A study from a large metropolitan registry of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) patients showed several racial and/or ethnic groups are underrepresented and demonstrate differences in disease activity.

This study enrolled 817 consecutive PsA patients from an observational, longitudinal registry and were analyzed for demographics, disease phenotype, clinical activity and medication use/outcomes.

The population was predominantly (77%)  White; but also included 11.8% Hispanic, 2.2% Black, 7.1% Asian, and 9.9% other races or multiracial. Hispanic and non-White individuals had higher tender joint counts (p= 0.033) but similar swollen joint counts (p= 0.308) and medication use (p= 0.171).
Hispanic and non-White patients also had high rates of radiographic axial disease. Hispanics had significantly  higher tender joint counts (p= 0.029),  RAPID3 scores (p= 0.004), and moderate-severe psoriasis (p= 0.010) compared with White individuals.

Underrepresented racial and/or ethnic groups (mostly Asian or Hispanic) comprised 22.6% of the cohort. Non-white individuals had several measures of greater disease activity and were more likely to have radiographic axial involvement.

Whether this represents differences in PsA presentation, genetics, or access to care, racial and ethnic differences need to be addressed in both research, clinical care and public health policy planning.

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It would be important to understand how people were recruited to the registry. If based on their healthcare provider alerting them to enroll that results in bias as to who is recruited since based on published data by Ogdie et al, the nonWhite percentages are still low. Maybe it is commented on as a limitation in the article.

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