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RheumNow Week in Review – 19 August 2016

Aug 19, 2016 3:31 pm

Dr. Cush reviews the highlights in rheumatology for the week ending 19 August 2016:

  1. ARCTIC Study Shows No Benefit to Ultrasound Remission in RA
  2. Remicade Patent Infringements Denied: Opens Door for New Biosimilars
  3. DASH Diet and increased salt intake may improve Gout
  4. Fewer Psoriasis Patients Satisfied with Current Treatments  
  5. Smoking Worsens Rheumatoid Inflammation
  6. Autoimmune Disease as Harbinger of Myelodysplasia 
  7. Fewer Psoriasis Patients Satisfied with Current Treatments
  8. Smoking Worsens Rheumatoid Inflammation
  9. Autoimmune Disease as Harbinger of Myelodysplasia 
  10. Great rheumatology primer on sorting out tropical mosquito-related viruses from Dr. Calabrese of the Cleveland Clinic.
  11. Nijmegen Systemic Sclerosis study compared SSc (n=396) with SSc-PM overlap (n=24) patients & found 2.3 X more deaths in overlap pts. fluid WBC counts correlate w/ xynovititis, overall damage. Higher counts have better resp to intraarticular steroids
  12. Unhealthy habits (smoking, bad diet, physical inactivity & alcohol overuse) cause 6 yr loss of life; and accounts for 50% of Canadas deaths
  13. Small study of 30 PSS patients shows serum VEGF significantly correlate w/ arthritis in SSc. I would’ve expected more end organ damage with higher VEGF levels.
  14. Periodic fevers (>102F) based on the duration in days: 1 ) FMF & CAPS for 1-3 days; 2) TRAPS for 7-21 days; and 3) Still's disease & Schnitzlers have fever every day


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