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RheumNow Podcast – with Special Guest Dr. Peter Nash (9.15.2023)

This week, Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news with special guest, Dr. Peter Nash. They discuss COVID Autoantibodies, SpA life expectancy, HCQ, extraarticular RA and our approach to Early RA referrals and pre-clinical RA.

  1. Study of 159 COVID pts vs 73 controls shows AutoAbs increase w/ age, but it worse with SARS-CoV-2 infection, esp. severe COVID; who were more likely to develop anticardiolipin & anti-platelet glycoprotein AutoAbs that complicate COVID with thromboses.
  2. AS pts, but not nr-axSpA, have a signif. shortened life expectancy w/ Increased mortality, esp. in HLA-B27+ AS WOMEN. SMR is increased in #AS (1.37) vs gen population. esp for B27+ AS (SMR 1.38) & AS women (SMR 1.77); not nr-axSpA (SMR 0.44)
  3. Hydroxychloroquine Adherence Lowers Cardiovascular Risks
  4. RA Extra-articular Manifestations Declining 
  5. TNR - Early RA Referrals and Treatment 

Next weeks TNR 9/19/23  MTX Decisions – Drs Weinblatt, Kremer,  Richard Conway, 


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