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New Year's Resolutions (1.5.2024)

Dr. Jack Cush imparts his new New Year's Resolutions for 2024 and also reviews the news and journal reports from the past week on

  1. GNSC-001 gene therapy w/ a recombinant adeno-assoc. viral vector expressing IL-1Ra, to block IL-1. GNSC-001 now in a phase Ib, 50 pt, 10 center USA trial to assess its efficacy in Knee OA. Given as single injx in the affected joint; results in late 2024

  2. Metanalysis of CNS Lupus, 44 studies, 17 865 early- (<50y) vs 2970 late-onset SLE (>50y) pts. CNS LE in 16%, more common in younger LE (OR: 1.41). Early-LE had more seizures (OR: 1.68), psychosis (OR: 1.72). Older - more Peripheral neuropathy (OR: 0.64)

  3. Chinese Phase 2b RCT of telitacicept (TACI-Fc fusion protein inhibits both BAFF & APRIL) 3 doses vs PBO in 249 active SLE pts. Wk 48 SRI-4 response favored TELI (76% 240 mg, 68% 160 mg, 71% 80 mg vs 34% w/ PBO (all p<0.001)

  4. In Norway incidence of #SLE is decreasing, esp in women 50-59 years. Population study of 1558 confirmed SLE; 797 had new-onset betw 1999-2017. In older women 50-59 yrs incidence fell 3.4 to 1.1/100K (also 74% reduction in menopausal HRT

  5. Poorly documented Dz activity in SpA. AI EHR analysis of 3 Hospitals found 758 pts (328 axSpA, 365 PsA, 65 non-classified SpA). Only 35% axSpA had ASDAS or BASDAI. DAPSA or DAS-28 in only 17% PsA. TJC/SJC in ~20% axSpA & ~32% of PsA

  6. Anti-TNF mAbs, JAKi & anti-IL17 Rx appear protective against anterior Uveitis in AxSpA pts. Network Metanalysis of 44 trials, AU IR -TNF mAb: 4.1, ETN: 5.4, IL17i: 2.8, JAKi: 1.5, & placebo: 10.8. AU risk: TNFi < JAKi < IL-17i < ETN << PBO

  7. Cross-sectional study of 307 RA pts, 49 (16%) used psychotropic meds and 70 (23%) had at least one fall per year. RA on psychotropic meds had double the rate of falls (39% vs 20%). w/ an adjusted incidence rate ratio, 1.63. (p = 0.02).

  8. Marketscan claims data shows Frailty as predictor for serious infxn in RA pts Rx w/ b/tsDMARDs. Among 57,980 RA pts (age 48 yrs), 6% were "frail" - this assoc w/ increased risk of serious infections (aHR 1.5) & inpatient hosp (1.4)

  9. Sarcopenia Linked to Smoking in Osteoarthritis

  10. Curcumin therapy for knee osteoarthritis

  11. Does Weight Loss Really Work in Gout?

  12. Register now for RheumNow Live January 27 & 28, 2024 in Dallas, TX


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