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15 September 2017 The RheumNow Week in Review

Sep 15, 2017 11:44 am

The RheumNow Week in Review discusses the past week's news, journal articles and highlights from This week's report discusses metabolic syndrome in lupus, bisphosphonate holidays, vasculitis and vascular inflammation, Vaccination and  the repeated wonders of Vitamin D.

  1. No difference in folic acid low dose vs high dose use with regard to hepatotoxicity of MTX.
  2. Metabolic syndrome is found in 26% of SLE pts; SLE is associated nearly 2 fold risk of Metabolic syndrome.  
  3. This Weeks News features Vitamin D being linked to Neuropathy, Multiple sclerosis and also alopecia areata! It appears that Vitamin D must be anti-kryptonite to mankind.
  4. After 3-5yrs bisphosphonates in postmenopausal 183 OP women, BP Drug holiday assoc with a 40% higher risk of new fractures
  5. Sandoz announces FDA will review its biosimilar version of rituximab
  6. Stelara doesnt cause TB; but Stelara use in a high risk "TB Land" (Taiwan) is associated with new seroconversion rate of 7.3% (new infx)
  7. IL-6/Th17/IL-17 drives systemic inflammation, while IL-12/Th1/IFN-γ  drives vascular inflammation; Importance to be determined in patients with takayasu’s or giant cell arteritis  
  8. SELECT-BEYOND study shows upadacitinib (JAK1inhibitor) efficacy with  52% LDAS and  >32%remission rates at 24 wks, but a small safety imbalance was noted. SAE 5/7/0 and deaths 1/1/0 in the UPA, but not PBO groups.  
  9. In this last decade 145,000 people have Overdosed on prescription opioids; during which deaths quadrupled. MDs wrote for 250,000,000 opioid Rx in 2012
  10. Severe esophageal dysmotility in 200 Scleroderma is associated with disease duration, Interstitial Lung disease, GI Sx scores, low HRQOL
  11. Shingrix (GSK) new Zoster Vaccine is Recommended by FDA Panel. 
  12. Why Rheumatologists Should Do Better Vaccinating this Flu Season 
  13. The Story Teller   


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