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RheumNow Podcast – Better Ways to Treat Gout (11.8.19)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on

  1. Study of ANA+ people without lupus or CTD shows that fatigue does not increase odds of having lupus or CTD. 1/3 of ANA referrals had FM and fatigue was correlated with widespread pain.
  2. Methotrexate - an old drug with new tricks! new publication reviews the use of MTX in the management of chronic viral arthritis, including chikungunya and other old world alphaviruses, Parvovirus B19, hepatitis B/C virus, and human immunodeficiency virus
  3. Retrospective study from Spanish SLE register RELESSER: in 3539 SLE patients, the risk of cancer was elevated (SIR=1.37; CI 95%: 1.15‐1.59), higher in women (SIR=2.38). SLICC Dz activity and ACE inhibitor use was assoc w/ non-Hormone sensitive CA
  4. Cancer Risk with psoriasis? Metanalysis of 58 studies shows that PSO is associated with an 18-22% increased risk of all cancers, highest w/ severe PSO. Increased risk of colon, laryngeal, liver, lymphoma/NHL, esophageal, oral cavity & pancreatic CA
  5. CONTACT trial compared colchicine 0.5 mg tid vs naproxen 250 mg tid in treating 399 patients with acute #gout. Both drugs equally controlled patient pain, but had more diarrhea (46% vs 20%) and headache (20.5% vs 10.7%) in first 7 days. 
  6. Analysis of 92 #Gout pts treated with pegloticase compared pre-Rx prophylaxis with IV hydrocortisone or methylprednisolone (MP), finds that IV MP had more PEG infusions (8.5 vs 4.9) & fewer infusion reactions (8% vs 42%) compared with IV hydrocortisone
  7. T2T Lowers Mortality in Gout     
  8. New EMA Warnings for Tofacitinib in Patients at Risk for Clots   
  9. EXCEED Study: Cosentyx Equals Humira in Psoriatic Arthritis   
  10. Rinvoq (upadacitinib) Effective in Psoriatic Arthritis 


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