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RheumNow Podcast – ACR 2019 Round Up (11.15.19)

Dr. Jack Cush presents his favorite abstracts and presentations from Rheumatology Round Up and ACR 2019.

  1. #1223  ALLN-346 a urate degrading enzyme in a pig model of gout
  2. L06 Emapalumab for treating MAS in systemic JIA patients
  3. 1890 and 2357  Methotrexate Safety from CIRT
  4. 1240 Anakinra in acute gout – anaGO study
  5. 2292, 2279 When to withdraw biologics in RA patients who become pregnant
  6. 633, 631 Delays in referral of LBP
  7. 196  VTE risk and future ASCVD risk
  8. 2566 Polypharmacy
  9. 860 EMBRACE – Belimumab in Blacks


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